The Worlds End

June 5, 2008
By Amariah Wood, Conneaut, OH

Imagine one morning waking up to find all your family and friends had disappeared well that was a reality for one girl.

May 5,2021 Its Friday and like normal I woke up to the loud annoying beep of my alarm clock but unlike normal I didn’t hear the yelling of my brother or the my mom cooking breakfast. After listing for a few seconds I noticed there was no sound except for the wind outside my window. I slipped on my slippers that my grandma had made for me and slowly walked into the kitchen cautiously trying to figure what was going on. When I made it into the kitchen there was no one I began to panic I sprinted threw the house looking in every room for someone. Once I made it threw the house I ran outside and noticed that things weren’t right cars were stopped dead in their place and it was dead quiet. I yelled for my mother but my voice just drifted into an echo with no response. I then noticed I was alone.

May 7,2021 I didn’t write yesterday I was to confused to know what to write. All the power has gone out theirs a few houses and stores with power because of back up generators so I’m going to start moving my stuff into them. I made a large sign that spells “help” on it and put it on the roof of my house .I’m not sure if theirs anyone out their but so far theirs no one. I’ve also been trying to call every number in the phone book but theirs been no answer anywhere.

May 8,2021 I found a house that has a generator it’s very big. I remember my dad telling me the family who lived here was very wealthy because his father died in a plan crash during Civil War 2. As I set up my few belongs and explored the house I started to remember when my dad told me about the civil War 2. He first told me about the first Civil War and what all happened but listening to that was nothing compared to the Civil War2. I never understood how it could happen or why it would happen. The morning the war started I was only 5 but I still remember my family from Ohio coming and hiding in are basement as the soldiers attacked people in the street. My father came into my room boarded up my windows and told me that the U.S.A was in war with its self because of difference in opinions and money. I was so frightened that day but not near as frightened as I am now not even close to as frightened at all.

May 9, 2021 I’m not sure how much longer I can survive alone I’m very scared I had a dream last night that I say my mom and hugged her and it felt so really but when awoke I noticed I was alone. I miss her and my brother so much.

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