The Gummy Bear Legend

May 30, 2008
By Victoria Ziegler, Trempealeau, WI

Once upon a time there was a gummy bear. This gummy bear was gummy. He was so gummy that even the gummiest of the gummies were jealous. This gummy bear was the badest of the bad. He would be mean to the yellow gummy bears. He would tell them that yellow was a dull color, and that not one human liked the taste.

So he made a machine that would change yellow gummy bears to green, just like him. He charged the Gummyville citizens 100 dollars per bear. But then another gummy bear told the now green gummy bears that green was a dull color. So he also charged them 100 dollars per bear to change them back to yellow.
A few years later none of the Gummyville citizens had any money left. They also realized that their new colors faded with age. They demanded their money back. The two gummy bears that convinced others to change color were chased out of town. From then on not one Gummyville citizen has ever seen them.

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