A Million White Snowflakes

May 28, 2008
By Kelly DeGrothy, Sussex, WI

They are the only ones who infuriate me. I am the only one who shovels them away. A million white snowflakes, each with a freezing feel and different shape. They belong here, sometimes, yet they are never welcome. A million white excuses to call school off to go sledding. From the windows we watch them fall from the sky, and amass on our roads.

There power is underestimated. They generate accidents with their grip on our tires and they’re ability to whip around so furiously. They have no mercy, not one of them. They are forced to give up only when the sun melts them away.

A single snowflake cannot make a difference. When they join as one, there mission cannot be mistaken. In the winter months, they seem to be in control.

When I am too cold and I am all sledded out, it is then; I appreciate the illustration of the million white snowflakes in my yard and on my trees. Just as I begin to appreciate their company comes a sunny day, where the sun melts them away.

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