Mustard Monster

May 28, 2008
By austin Grimes, Hartland, WI

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Cledus who loved mustard. He loved every kind of mustard there was. Everyday all he would do was eat mustard. Cledus would put mustard on everything. As soon as he would run out of food to put the mustard on, he would start to make mustard smoothies. Cledus’s favorite type was the dill pickle smoothie.
One day, his mom noticed he was beginning to turn yellow and green. Cledus began to get aggravated with his skin color, so his mom took him to the doctor. The doctor told them he had mustard monsteritious!
The doctor told Cledus and his mother he didn’t have much time left before he would turn into a mustard monster and the only cure was to go on a search for the holy mustard.
Cledus and his mother then asked to where to find the holy mustard and the doctor told him it would be a long journey and it would take all his courage to get there. The holy mustard could only be found in only one place: on top of Mustard Mountain.
Cledus got home and began to pack for his long treacherous journey. He packed all of his favorite mustards into his mustard backpack and was on his way.
Everyday that passed, Cledus became more and more of a monster. As he hiked and climbed, he began to sweat mustard. His hair turned into strings of mustard, and his skin kept getting more and more yellow. Cledus was nervous, but all the more determined to find the holy mustard.
As Cledus reached the bottom of Mustard Mountain, he thought there was hope left in him, even though he was exhausted from the long and treacherous journey. All of a sudden, Cledus could hear a buzzing sound. Instantly, the mustard fairy appeared in front of his face. It reminded Cledus how sad his mother would be if he was a monster for the rest of his life because he was the only one she had left in the world.
Cledus then worked up his courage and began to climb the slippery Mustard Mountain. Cledus had to dodge falling mustard balls as he hiked up the mountain. Cledus could smell the holy mustard and began climbing faster and faster.
Cledus finally reached the top and saw the Mustard Temple. Cledus then saw the Mustard God seep out of a giant golden mustard bottle. He told Cledus he was waiting for him and that he could cure him. The Mustard God then gave Cledus the Holy Mustard. Cledus then chugged down the whole bottle of mustard and he was magically cured. His skin gradually returned to its original color. The Mustard God then teleported the boy back to his house and his mother was ecstatic—she couldn’t believe he was cured. They both lived happily ever after.

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