I Jumped the Fence

August 3, 2008
By Will Umstead, Buffalo Gap, TX

“How long do these hills go on?” I thought to myself, staring out the window. “Why didn’t my dad ask me if I wanted to work on the car?” My mom and I were headed toward a scrapyard to trade in our old car for another one that my dad and I could fix up. I really don’t like working with cars. “Well, we’re here!” my mom said. We finally, after two long hours, got there. We had to pick a car that at least still worked, so we could get home. The place was dark, it was sprinkling, and it was time for the sun to set. My mom saw a car she liked and made the exchange. We decided to walk around a bit. We went our separate ways; I had my cell phone with me, so I wouldn’t have to stick with her.

Beyond the fence containing us, there was a barren wasteland that stretched for about a mile until you could see some hills. In between those hills was a pathway. I jumped the fence.

At the very second I noticed graves all around me, about 30 skeletons that looked like they used to be warriors from medieval times equipped with one sword each dug their way out of their graves. The moment the first one’s head came into striking range, I punched it in the head. I hadn’t realized the strength I had used to punch it; when I punched it, its head flew right off. I dragged the sword it was equipped with and prepared myself to somehow kill -- or at least disable -- the rest of the skeletons. I started out with a pretty good strategy, dueling them one at a time. When one would charge at me, I either grabbed it and slammed it into the ground or took the time to duel it. I had come to realize that the only way to beat it was to cut/punch its head off (which was fairly easy to do, since they were skeletons). Most of the time, I just hacked away at them, running toward the pathway in between the two hills. When I had defeated all of them, I had finally reached the pathway. The battle between me and the skeletons seemed to go on for about 5 hours.

Beyond the pathway was a waterfall that flowed out of the side of a cliff that also formed beyond the pathway. I stood there, my sword stuck in the ground, looking down at where the waterfall and the lake collided. All of a sudden, I felt the shape of a foot being planted into my back. It pushed and I fell for what seemed like miles.

I gasped as I woke up.

The author's comments:
Well, this was a dream that I actually had...
It was weird, though.
Simply because i have been having this dream since I was about 8 years old. Only, the dream conitnued on every year on the night of my birthday.
I changed the story up because i can't quite remember the exact story EXACTLY the way it happened. Not to mention that i like this version better than what i remember of the original dream.

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