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June 1, 2012
By WildBane BRONZE, Browns Summit, North Carolina
WildBane BRONZE, Browns Summit, North Carolina
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“Isn’t it amazing, at how much can change in the course of a day…”
Scene I: Stargazer field (Flashback)
“Run Kuro!” a feminine voice yelled; two shadows darted across the emerald grass of stargazer field, but they were not the only ones present. The waves of endless spires danced in the wild wind, and a flash of gold thrashed through them. The fae tripped dragging the smaller brute down with her. They struggled back to their feet, but were pounced on by a large black dog with magnificent golden marks that resembled lighting. The three tumbled a good few feet before the larger brute pinned down the two. All laughed, and the small pup tugged at his father’s ear, the mother sat up catching her breath as the father tossed about with his son. “Is it me or are you just getting slower?” the fae laughed, her name was Death, a fitting name for an alphess where she was from. “Certainly fast enough to catch you” the brute teased, his name was blade, and their son’s name was Kuro. Only five years ago these two were at each other’s necks in a war between their packs, a war in which Death lost, but enjoyed none the less. Both of them were alphas of the opposing sides, and after all was said and done, Death returned not seeking revenge, but a mate, and she found one in him. Kuro was the result of the deep love they found in each other. The wind picked up, and died in waves, playing with their fur, and dancing through the fae’s hair. The three lay in the grass, gazing up at the one sunny sky. It was tormented with dark clouds now, the clouds were plump, swollen with rain, a storm was approaching. But off to the east, where the clouds hadn’t yet reached, there was a beautiful setting sun. The sphere of light was a honey yellow-orange, and the sky around it bore shades of pink, orange, and purple as the sun slipped away. Death rolled over onto her husband’s arm and kissed his cheek; she laid her head on his shoulder, and stroked heir son’s soft black hair. “How did I ever end up with someone as wonderful as you?” Death cooed. Blade smiled and kissed her back before saying “I’m the lucky one.” Slowly little droplets of rain began to fall, storm was so near now. Blade and Death both agreed that they needed to get home; so blade packed up their things, and Death carried Kuro home. The rain had just begun to seriously pour down, just as they arrived back at their home.
Scene II: The den [Thunder crashes outside]

The femme was startled from her dreams; she sat up in her bed, and remembered that she was alone. There was no one there to comfort her any longer; the room seemed strangely darker than before, darker than she could ever remember. She lit a candle seeing as the light would not do her any good, and went to go find her son. As she opened his room door, a little bundle of black and gold clung to her robe, weeping. She found her hand moving across his cheek to wipe away the little one’s tears. “Ssh…Kuro everything’s alright. Mommy’s here now” she cooed softly, trying to comfort her shaken child. Death led her son into the livening room by candlelight and sat him on the sofa. She placed her candle on the coffee table and went about lighting others around the room, offering them some warmth, and solace in their glow.
Scene III: The living room

“Mama, where’s papa?” Kuro asked after a long period of silence. A grim look took over the once exhausted expression of the child’s mother, ‘papa’, she had heard Kuro say that word so many times in her head, but she had heard him say it to his actual father, and never in a question asking what happened to him. This broke her heart, Kuro was still so young, the pup was barely a yearling, and he had no father. He had to find out sooner or later the fae thought quietly to herself. She picked up her son, and sat him on her lap; she sighed a heavy breath, and began her story.
Scene IV: The living room (Flashback)

“It was a night not unlike now darling. It was dark, and there was a storm; papa had candles lit just like we do.” She began. Death came back from the kitchen with a small bowl of mushy steak & peas baby food, and sat back down on the couch with Blade, and Kuro. Blade held their son, while Death spooned the food into the squirming child. More of it ended up on Kuro’s bib, than actually in his mouth, but once it was all gone Death cleaned him up, and put the small pup down for a nap. Kuro fell asleep within half an hour; Death, and Blade had the silence of the room to themselves. They cuddled close, and enjoyed the peaceful moments between the roars of thunder. At every blast Death would jump, and snuggle closer into Blade’s ebon coat. There’d be a half-snicker from the brute, then he would rub down the fur that bristled up along her neck, and her tail would relax down back onto the couch. Death had begun to drift off to sleep, when there was a knock on the door. Blade got up to answer, leaving his mate on the couch. It was a guard at the door, with news of trouble. The refinery was on fire, and there were still workers trapped inside. Blade tells Death that he’s going to help, but she refuses to let him go. She understands his responsibility as an alpha, but argues that the guards and firefighters can handle it; she believes that his responsibility to his family should come first. “Don’t worry about me” he says, “I’ve been through tougher situations than this” he says with a cocky smile. “You better come back to me Blade” Death says hugging her husband, and kissing his soft warm lips. Blade leaves with the guard, and shortly after Death follows with Kuro against Blade’s request for her to stay home.
Scene V: The hill west of the factory

From atop the hill Death watched the refinery like a hawk. The situation was indeed serious, the entrance was blocked, and the building was ablaze, a great inferno of charred cinders, and hot metals. Lighting seemed to favor this spot, as it would strike down regularly, only to be redirected back at the heavens by the ones that could do such a feat. Blade, a master of the art, redirected lighting not back at the sky, but at the fallen beams, and wood the blocked the factory entrance, blasting a hole, but weakening the building even more so than the fire. “Oh Blade, please be carful” she whispered under her breath. The alphen dove straight into the blaze, and wasn’t seen again. Injured workers began to trickle out of the refinery, some aided by others, once the seeming last worker had left the building, Death waited anxiously for her husband to reappear as well, but he hadn’t. Minutes passed, and the fire had been doused, as far as anyone could tell, but Blade had yet to appear, and now everyone was worried. Some wanted to enter the building, but would be denied by the guards. Suddenly a rumble, then half the refinery crumbles away from its outline, before the rest follows suit in a mass of smoke, dust, and ash. “NO!” a scream pierced the silence that followed the collapse of the building. Death made her way down the hill at full speed, carrying their son. Upon arriving at the scene, she found Blade, and was grateful, but was sickened to see him being carried off in an ambulance, she would follow him, and ride at his side. “Kuro, I could not tell you how scared I was to see your father in that ambulance. I was horrified, as far as I knew he was still alive, but I had no clue how long he had left” Death uttered through a tight throat, she swallowed hard, and continued.
Scene VI: The hospital [Heart monitor beeps]

The fae wore a solemn face, as she looked over her husband’s burned and battered body, she just couldn’t find an excuse to forgive herself for letting this happen to the love of her life. Death watched carefully for any signs of him waking, but could see not a trace on his visage. She cradled their sleeping son, and tried to hold back her tears with little success. Kaze, Blade’s older brother, walks in, he is at a loss of words to comfort her, but stands behind her with a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down. Death puts one hand on Blade’s bedside, weeping, how could I have let this happen, she thought to herself. Blade grabs her hand weakly, and opens his eyes to look at her before wiping away her tears. “This isn’t your fault” he whispers, Death smiles at Blade, and places Kuro in his arms. Tears run down his face as he smiles at his sleeping son, Blade pulls Death in for a hug. “I love you SO much, thank you for everything. Everything that’s good in my life, everything that I have to be thankful for is wrapped up into you, Kuro is so perfect, just like his mother” Blade said through his tears. Death pushed away from him “Why do you say that a-as if you’re saying goodbye?” Death said in a half-laugh. Blade looked her in the eyes, his own going dull, the heart monitor began to slow “Because I am…” he kissed her lips, for the last time, and let go…of it all. In mere moments the doctors were in the room, as the heart monitor flat lined. Kaze held Death, as she screamed for him to come back; not to let go; how much she needed him. But he was gone, and Blade wasn’t coming back.
Scene VII: Stargazer field (current time, after the storm)

Death lay on her back in the damp cobalt colored grass; her son laid beside her his head on her stomach, both looking up at the clear starry sky. “Dad was a hero” Kuro spoke quietly. Death smiled slightly, yet proudly “Yes, your father was a hero, but he was a magnificent person, not only in heart, but in spirit as well” she said quietly. Kuro smiled proudly, sat up, and looked at his mother “I’m gonna be just like dad, and be just as great!” Kuro said. Death sat up with a smile, and hugged Kuro “I’m sure you will be Kuro”. A bright light shone from above, next to the full moon lie a bright star, Death’s smile grew wider, and a tear rolled down her cheek “Blade” she whispered under her breath. As she stood, the Lilies of the field opened in magnificent waves of gold, pink, and crimson. Each color shone brightly in their own way, and sparkled with dew, Kuro tugged at death’s shirt, he held a smirk upon his lips “I’ll race ya home mom.”

The author's comments:
What insipred me to write this was the relationship between My character Death,a nd my best friend's character, Blade. They are apart of a 4 year long running role play that is now in it's 5th year, and third generation since these two were created.

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