May 31, 2012
By Anonymous

The suns rays were sizzling my already burnt and peeling face. Blurred faces and heated bodies nudged their way around my bulky book bag and awkward stance as I gawked up at one of the most famous wonders of the world. The sea of people around me were speaking in their native tongues but to me it just sounded like a swarm of bees buzzing annoyingly in my ears. The colossal pyramids of Egypt were tinted an industrial grey due to my very touristy sunglasses. I tipped them up on top of my head and inhaled the beautiful piece of history. The air was dry and flecks of sand tickled my nostrils. I snapped mental photographs that I made sure were branded in my mind. I stepped closer and reached a sweaty hand to touch the structure. The sandy grit stuck to my moist hand and felt warm against my palm. I stepped back and absorbed the marvelous structure as much as I could and only snapped one real picture. I figured the hundreds of mental picture were enough.

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