City Escape

May 29, 2008
By Tomas Garcia, Discovery Bay, CA

As I was in the bookstore looking at my novel that I was going to buy I thought to myself, is this book going to keep me interested. I started to walk up to the cashier’s desk. The line was five to four people long but one rounded guy was at the front, he was looking to buy cooking books he look like he was in collage. The other two were girls one was the mother the other her daughter, her mother was looking at a novel and here daughter a princess book of castles and fairytales. The person in front of me was as tall as me but was in high school probably looking for a book for a class. After five minutes I was at the front of the line ready to hand the cashier my money and book.

“ Hello sir, did you find everything today?” she said kindly

“ Good to hear so, your total would be seven dollars and sixty two cents, would that be cash or debt?” She said

“ Cash!” I said handing her the money

“ You have a pleasant evening.” She said a smile on her face

“ Bye.” I said waking away

I started for the door when I took a pause, thinking for a second “ Were do I have to go in such a rush, my wife is going to be home when its three thirty, and my son would be pick up after school.

As I started to walk towards the resting area all of a sudden a loud explosion came from the parking lot of the bookstore I flew to the floor of the store hitting the ground hard, I felt knock out looking around the store seeing people run for shelter and for their love ones. I started to get up, all my stuff was on the floor my cell phone, novel, and my cup of coffee. The whole bookstore shelves of books were tipped over onto each other like dominos. When I was fully standing I felt for my forehead it was cut and not that much blood was dripping. I turned around people were running out the door to their cars but there was nothing left just some cars on fire and dead people. I started to walk out of the bookstore everything on the ground, I had to move my legs left and right from stepping on books that fell from the explosion. When I finally reach the front of the store I looked around and saw what might have been a car bombing, there was dead bodies everywhere and the cashier was dead on the open rejecter that was empty of cash. I just thought to my self “ So poor person that had the chance to take the money and run.”

I started to walk to the door when I saw another dead body in the parking lot and people screaming and running to their cars, their was another big loud explosion that shock the building foundation making everything rattle and shack. I grab my pocket to make sure that my keys are there and so I can drive home and see if my family is ok. When I got outside I saw some cash on the floor and a dead man armful of cash. I went over to the body and got a good look at his face white male little fat I made a snort and started for my car when I reach it was on fire and burning to the ground I said “ All #@$*!” that was a new Dodge truck, I bought it about a month ago.

As I looked around to see if anyone could help me, then I heard a yell of help.

“ Help!” said a mysteries voice

“ Who needs help!” I answered

“ I am under a car by the drug store.” Said the mysteries voice

“ You have to be more detail on where you are.” I said

“ Under a station wagon, that is a tan color flipped over.” Said the voice

“ I see it I would be right over there.” I answered

I started to run over to the flip station wagon. It was scratch up all on its side and was leaking motor fuel and was getting close to a fire near the bookstore. I started to get on my knees when I crawl to her.

“ Are you ok sir.” I asked

“ Yes but can you please hurry up and get me out of this car the fuel from the tank, and its getting close to the fire.” He said with fear in his eyes

“ Ok sir I am going to help you but you must remain calm for me to cut you lose from the belt ok.” I said
“Ok.” Said the man

“ So what is your name.” I asked

“ Bill.” He answered

“Ok you are almost out so put your hands on the roof so that you don’t hit you head on the floor and get a cut.”

“Ok.” He said again

I cut the belt and he started to slide out of his seat and we both climb out and looked at each other.

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