June 5, 2012
By Anonymous

My feet were unmoving. Cemented into the hard concrete roof of the apartment building. The sight, breath taking. Just an inch away from my toes was the twelve story drop to 3rd avenue. The street was crowded with small cars. The yellow cabs and blue minivans moved slowly, while people swarmed around them.
I lost my breath, and received a terrifying urge. I wanted to spit. Saliva gushed from under my tongue, into my mouth. My lips curled as the thought of an unsuspecting pedestrian stops in the middle of the street to check the sky for rain. He would then see a small figure, black against the sun, standing on top of Sunset Rooms. And I would laugh and wave to him. I could see his face turn red. A burst of rage overtakes him, sending him sprinting towards the entrance. My face becomes disfigured, twisted by shame and embarrassment. My eyes shut tight, hoping this all is a dream. I heard a metal door open. He ran straight into me. His gruff hands pushed against my back. The pressure from his was enough to send me flying. Flying, then falling. I let out a silent scream before I died.
I frowned. My sudden urge to spit vanished. The swarm of people kept going around the cars. I shook my head at my own imagination. "Your crazy, you know that?" With that, a glob of saliva escaped my lips. It disappeared, and I smiled. "Boy, you sure live it up, don't you" I said to myself.

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