Seven Billion

May 28, 2008
By Karly Pearson, Delafield, WI

There must be someone out there who understands me. Someone out there does. With seven billion people, someone must be the same. Seven billion who have felt like they belong. Seven billion people who’ve felt like they don’t. Seven billion lies, problems, smiles, laughs, lives. From our view, we can’t see them. We only know they’re out there. We only know that they exist.
Their wisdom is a secret. They hold the key to every problem hidden in their smiles. They’ve been through it all before. Every problem, every secret, every place, every situation, they have been in before us. Seven billion people know the wisdom of the world. They know everything from the secrets of the stars to the fields.
Let some forget their reason for life, and the 6,000,099 billion lift up the fallen ones. Some live their lives like they are nothing, some live their lives like they are everything, but only some live somewhere in between. In all, seven billion promises are held. Seven billion secrets on how to live. Seven billion wonders with seven billion uncovered. Seven billion reasons to meet all seven billion.
When I am too sad and too tired to keep keeping, when I am just one against all seven billion, then it is then that I look out past myself. When there is no one who seems to help me, I know that out in that seven billion people, one holds the key to my problem, to my doubt, to my insecurity. Seven billion who I can reach out to and not forget to learn something. With seven billion people, reasons, wonders, secrets, smiles, cries, lies, hopes, stories, there are seven billion reasons to meet all seven billion.

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