I'm From Where

May 28, 2008
By Karly Pearson, Delafield, WI

I am from the junk yard tire swing still strongly hanging on to the maple branches of childhood memories.

I am from where the phrase “Just keep it up, keep it up” means if you don’t keep it down, you’ll be reminded of the pain the wooden carved spoon in the kitchen drawer could cause.

I am from cut out cookies, decorative sprinkles, and snitching cookie dough.

I am from turkey stuffing casserole dinner, the signature comfort scent of family, love, belonging, and a loving remembrance of those who have past on.

I am from where the echoing song ♫ “I am On The Top Of the World” is sung as an effective alarm clock.

I am from Girl Scouts and Sunday school skipper’s crafts.

I am from where the sixth day remains reserved for rest, enjoying church and cheering for the gold and green.

I am from SONY: the dusty, but treasured, VHS tapes that were recorded and kept for each and every organized celebration planned down to the icing color on the homemade cake.
I am from where the punishment of misbehaving was reciting and writing ABC’s until little hands could hardly hold the bright magenta crayon any longer.

I am from chalk covered driveways, hopscotch, freeze tag, and kissed away boo boos.

I am from the name confusion in the cousin clan of K’s: Karly, Kraig, Kimmie, Kyle.

I am from finger paints, pipe cleaner masterpieces, and Crayon scribbles.

I am from memories

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