150 miles till vegas

May 28, 2008
By Jeff Adams, Smyrna, DE

She looks over at me from the passenger side seat. The warm summer air dancing through her hair around her neck and down her arms. Is it possible for her to look any more beautiful that she does as of now? Big eyed sunglasses rest on top her messy tossed up hair, messy but yet still perfect in its own way. "Nothing but empty roads and mountains from now till Vegas" i said. Her reply was a simple smile. Which honestly, was all i really needed. Its her smile that sends my mind spiraling and falling in love all over again everytime. It doesnt make sense, but i believe im happier trying not to make sense of it. Long empty roads lined with a scenery backdrop of mountains for as far as the human eye can see. The theme, her sweet sound. That sweet sound almost as familiar to finding that perfect song you want to just keep on repeat for hours on end. Its the feeling of being alive. "150 miles till Vegas" the next roadsign says. "Not too much farther babe." She says as she rotates her hand and takes note that the air moving around her finger tips and through her palm is quite warm and comforting. "A couple more hours." i reply to her in a soft tone. Not to masculine of me, but i dont think she minds. Neither do I. Anything to make her feel that she is worth something to me. The next few hours will most likely go by pretty quick. We had been listening to all our favorite musicians while we crossed the country. Listening to her sing all her favorite words to all her favorite songs kept me wanting more and kept time flying as well. I take my eyes off the road for a second to lean over and kiss her cheek. She smiles back at me and lets our a short spur of laughter. I smile in return as well. Thats worth living for.

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