Faith Of A Dreamer

May 6, 2012
There once was a little girl named Scarlet, she dreamed so many dreams but didn't officially know what she wanted to be. She wanted to live in a dreamland, Where she was free to do what she wanted to see things no other has seen before. She dreamed of being someone that people enjoyed having around. Her mother, step father and siblings Jake was 5, George was 3 and her baby sister was just 3 months old they were the only ones in her life she trusted. Her mother use to tell them stories. She use to make Scarlet feel good about herself because Scarlet had no confidence. She told her she was beautiful and that she loved her more than the moon and the sky and to always believe in god he is our savior and he will guide you through everything and protect you. And then one day her mother, 2 little brothers and her newborn baby sister died in a car accident, they were on their way to pick up Scarlet from school. But a woman on her cellphone hit them with her truck. That day Scarlet's' world crashed right in front of her very eyes. After her mother and siblings died she lived with her step father who she loved and adored with all the love she had left inside her. Until her biological father wanted her. He fought for custody and won, because Scarlet was to young to make any legal decisions. She was scared, She didn't know much about him but what she did know she didn't like he was a mean man. He use to be physically and mentally abusive towards Scarlet's' mother. Before they left the courtroom Scarlet hugged her step father and started to cry he told her he loved her and before she could say anything back her father grabbed her hand by force and that was the last time she ever seen him. Every time her dad looked at Scarlet she reminded him of her mother. So he became an alcoholic and started abusing Scarlet as he use to abuse her mother. Every time he would hit her she would remember what her mother once told her, "God is our savior he will guide you and protect you only if you believe." Scarlet promised her that she would always believe and she stuck to it. The only time she felt at peace was when she was praying or while she was sleeping, in her dreams she was anything she wanted to be. She prayed every single night. She would tell god everything. She came home from school one day and as always her dad was drunk, but this time he looked different his eyes looked empty as he had an evil smirk on his face she ran to the door but he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to his room. She screamed for help but nobody could hear her. He punched her and started raping her and started beating her until she stopped moving. He looked at her and cried and ran out of the house. She looked up and screamed to god, "I've had enough, I love you, I have faith in you please help me, I need you to take me away from here." Little Scarlet ran to her dads bathroom cabinet and found some sleeping pills. She was only 10, so she was to young to know what could happen if she took them. All she knew was she wanted to dream of being with her family again her "REAL" family. Scarlet took the whole bottle of sleeping pills and laid in her bed and went into a permanent sleep. She was physically dead but yet very much alive. She was in her dreamland as she woke up in her new world of wonders young Scarlet found life after death she ran around in a field of imagination. Jumping for joy thinking this is it I'm free. But then she started to hear angels singing, she closed her eyes and opened them, she was in a ballroom full of dancing angels.She began to cry as she seen a beautiful woman walking up to her. It was Scarlet's' mother she took her hand as they began to dance.. The angels backed away as they circled them and kept singing.. A man walked in and grabbed Scarlet's hand and told her, "There is nothing to be afraid of, My darling child you are safe now." Scarlet looked into his eyes and hugged him. She was in the arms of god. She held her mothers' and gods' hand as the angels started to sing and dance around them. The ballroom disappeared and they were flying in the air. Scarlet closed her eyes and god said,"Open your eyes dear child as we walk into the gates of heaven, You are FREE." She did as she was told and had the biggest smile on her face there were angels and children with wings laughing and playing. She felt something ticklish on her back, It was her wings she cried tears of happiness. When she seen her little brothers and sister run to her, she knew she was home.

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blueandorange This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 3, 2012 at 9:42 am
This is something.  Something is good.
TripsterTheHipster replied...
Jul. 22, 2012 at 7:02 pm
Thank you :)
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