Eye of the Storm

May 27, 2008
By Brittany Burns, Menomonee Falls, WI

The year is 2020. Canada and America have been stabbing each other in the back for years now, and it was only a matter of time before they strike against one another. President Huey has just gotten word of the threats and is speaking to his fellow Americans. Under Huey’s presidency, America’s citizens take a vote on all decisions that need to be made, including war.

“People, we need to rise up and realize what this is were going through. You all may look at me and wonder why I’m speaking. The world seems calm. I know. I realize this. It may seem like we’ve just got over the battle. We’ve fought our war. It’s time for me. People, you must know this is just the eye of the storm. Sure, we’re at peace now. It won’t last, though. America needs to stand strong and stand together. We will always defend our country. I want to be the first to inform you of the reports I’ve been receiving for about three months now. America has been receiving threats. Our neighboring countries are trying their hardest to keep all threats underground. I personally want to be fully prepared for all possible attacks. It will be better to be fully equipped than to be sorry.
Please don’t be frightened; all I want to do is make you more aware of the true condition right now. I see our country not in a state of war, not yet at least. I refer to the state that we are in as the “eye of the storm”. After a pretty recent ending to our war in Iraq, the country seems calm, but there are more battles coming. We will not be naive enough to think that we will always be at peace; we all must have known that someday would be attacked again. I do not think this is right, I wish things were not this way. I hope that one day our country will be able to say it is truly at peace. I hope there will be no more storms for a long time. Even though I’d like to find other ways to solve this other than fighting, this does not mean this is the way it will be.
A lot of other people believe strongly in defending their honor and their land. We must decide which course of action we want to take. My promise to you is that I will defend our honor by choice of words before choice of actions. I cannot promise you though that we will not have another war. I must tell you all I know about the threats so we can decide what to do. Canada has been jealous of us for many years. We never seem to let their country’s citizens live in our country. Our new laws, which make it even harder for citizens of other countries to be able to join America, outrage them. Sadly, I have now received threats from their governments. At this point, congress has decided that the threats are unrealistic and mean nothing. I still cannot sleep at night though; knowing that we did nothing but had every chance to. This saddens me and worries me.
I will not let Canada take us over!! You can be reassured that as I stand before you today I will stand up for your rights and not ever allow another country leader to think he can control America! We’ve fought endless battles and we know what our army is capable of doing! I hereby swear that our country will never have to sit back and watch while America is seized. My thought for a plan of action is to first talk to the government of Canada. I still have not gotten word of what their whole dilemma is. If they chose to not talk this out, than I see no other option besides striking them before they get a chance to strike us. I would like to know your thoughts and I need to know them now. Please realize the longer we wait, the greater the danger we are putting ourselves in. I do not want to give them a chance to strike before we can. So please let us act now and act fast. It’s times like these that we must once again realize it is only the eye of the storm, there is still more war and battles to go through. Thank you, American citizens, for giving me your ears and your time. Now, please make your decisions hastily.”

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