Mirror, Mirror

June 4, 2012
By StacyxGonzales BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
StacyxGonzales BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
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A shudder runs down my spine as I stare ahead into a dark abyss. Swallowing a nervous whimper, I search for a light switch. My mind is empty and my heart is seized in fear’s grasp. Flicking the light switch on, a long corridor appears underneath the blinding light. As I glimpsed down the hall, there were four mirrors, each framed in gold. Hesitantly, I stepped towards the closest one. The mirror displayed a girl that looked like me, but she couldn’t be me. Could she?
As I peered closer, she appeared giddy and happy, bouncing around. She bared me a radiant smile as I walked towards the next mirror. The exact girl was before my chestnut eyes but as I met hers, she backed away. Almost paranoid, she hugged her knees as she gazed at me behind a curtain of black hair. I reached out gently stroking the mirror’s fine glass. The silent figure flinched and hung her head down. I noticed tears clinging to her jawline. Assuming she wanted to be alone, I moved on. A thought gnaws at my mind; maybe these girls are me. As quickly as it came, my mind was once again vacant just as I arrived to another looking glass. This girl glared at me causing me to back up a bit. Hand on her hip, she was obviously unamused. I moved along to the last mirror while she watched my quiet footsteps.
Nothing. Confusion seeped within me, as well as panic. I stood there, in front of the glass and realized my belief was true. That bubbly girl is who I display to nearly everyone. My moody twin is me nearly half the day. I have an unidentified personality; there are so many sides to me. Suddenly, I hear a deafening crack from each mirror. The noise was unmistakable. A waterfall of glass showers me as everything is immersed in darkness.

The author's comments:
I love observing other people, not stalking but watching their actions and what not. (If that makes any sense) I realized that a lot of people have different personalities around different people.

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