The hushed Girl

June 4, 2012
By DinosaurMonsterBabi BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
DinosaurMonsterBabi BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Love may come.
Love may go.
You may not know when.
You may not know who.
But you know oneday he'll say.
"I Love You Too."

Once upon a time… In a land not so far away, here in Le Center, MN. There lived a young girl, her name long forgotten. Now she is just hushed... This is the long lost story of “The Hushed Girl.”
This isn’t any fairytale with a happy ending for all. This is about a young lady, her name gone for ages and now cursed with the label ‘Freak’.
She was mocked, torn apart, and never loved by her peers. In the end she had one, one, she fell in love with, with a boy. They never saw each other and one day she couldn’t take it anymore. She walked into the kitchen, grabbed the knife, she lifted it up high and PLUNGED it into her heart. With the blood pooling out of her, one tear fell, and on what was snow white floors, she wrote “see you later”. No one understood what it meant, but him, he kept quiet though, all the kids cried acting like they didn’t know why she died. They hid it away until now.
“Hey girl what’s up?” asked young and popular Chelsea.
“Ahh. Nothing really, but how about you? I hear you’re dating chad?” Hailey questioned.
“Oh yeah, how did you know?”
“Jimmy told me.”
“You’re still with that loser?”
Before Hailey could answer a chill went through the air, and they ran into the school as the bell rang.
“Time for class. Children, get to your seats” Mrs. L commanded them as dogs.
Then there stood a young lady, but no one could see her. She wandered around the room. Whispering into their ears. “It’s your fault!” in the most bone chilling voice. They heard and thought “oh I’m just going crazy.” But they weren’t. The door slammed shut. All the kids jumped.
“CALM DOWN!” Mrs. L shouted “It’s just the wind!”
After school, Hailey, Chelsea, and Kalie, were sitting outside, and when they parted. Around Kalie’s head, spun a voice saying. “It’s your fault! It’s your fault! It’s your fault!” over and over again. Until suddenly she was hit by a car, not dead but crying and repeating “It’s my fault”. She went to the hospital.
Hailey she was walking and hearing the exact same thing,” It’s your fault! It’s your fault! It’s your fault!” over and over again. Except she made it home and as she normally did, she smoked some pot and drank. Then called her boyfriend (Jimmy) and asked him to come over. But when he got there she had O.D. on the ground she did revive her, but was never the same and wouldn’t talk, only write the same thing “It’s my fault!” and no one figured it out.
Chelsea made it home and didn’t hear the voice, but when she looked in the mirror she saw ‘Her’ in the reflection not herself. She screamed and no one heard. But there when she turned around was ‘Her,’ she looked into Chelsea’s eyes, didn’t say a thing. ‘she’ stood up walked over to her. At this pint Chelsea was paralyzed. She couldn’t move.
Then ‘She’ said to Chelsea “Do you know who I am, what you did to me?”
Chelsea examined her and could see the blood on her black laced shirt. “No”, she snarled “Why would I?”
“Because it’s your fault even more so than the rest, they suffer for the short, you suffer for the long. You have to watch them suffer. Watch them receive the pain that you caused me.” She smiled tediously
“WH…” Before Chelsea could finish her sentence ‘She’ disappeared.
Chelsea stayed up all night wondering who she was?
The young lady went after she left Chelsea to the one she loved so tight. She watched him sleep and he woke up and called: “Hey! I knew you’d be back just like you said.”
She whispered “Of course I’d never lie to you babe.”
He smiled knowing what she said within their connection “I Love you.” He closed his eyes and imagined her in front of him.
She kissed him although he couldn’t kiss back. ”Love you too.”
He opened his eyes and she was gone.
The next day Chelsea couldn’t get ‘her’ out of her own head, she felt insane.
That night the girl came to Chelsea’s room again. But this time she told Chelsea she could do as the rest did and just admit it and she would just go away, but Chelsea refused. So the girl went over to Chad’s house in the blink of an eye.
She whispered to him in his sleep, “You know she’s cheating on you. She’ll never love you.” With a calm voice, “why waste your time, just dump her.”
The next day Chad dumped her and called her a wh*re. Telling her she could just go with the one she was nailing instead, since she never loved him anyways.
Chelsea was confused. Cursing Chad off. Telling him she never would and did love him.
Everyone began to hate and be against Chelsea.
Then one night before visiting Chelsea she stopped by her love’s and told him good bye because it was almost over.
He was about to say don’t go, but she left. Then he took a few pills and died to be with her.
She went to Chelsea’s house and told her, “You know what you have to do.”
Chelsea said “Now I know who you are, I didn’t know I caused you that much pain.” Chelsea looks in to her eyes and said, “I’m sorry.”
“Now you just have to tell everyone else that.”
So she did. And they all knew what really happened.
This was the story of “The Hushed Girl.” The last thing that she said was, “I am Delilah.” Well that’s who I love, I am her love, Drew. Good bye fro now. Maybe this is her story, but now you know so, I’ll say for her, “Good Bye!” she’s happy now. Don’t let Chelsea be you…

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kinda personal

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