May 27, 2008
By Eesha Dave, Ardsley, NY

It’s totally normal, but completely bewildering.

I’m sitting on my bed staring out the window. It’s a usual practice. I do it everyday. A car drives by, Ford mini-van, navy blue color. It drives by everyday at 4:37 p.m. give or take two minutes.

Navy, I have to go to Old Navy. There’s a summer clearance. It’s winter, but that’s okay. I need socks. I saw these pink socks with green apples on them at the mall. They were cool. They looked like Mac Apples. Like the one on my iPod. I haven’t updated my iPod in a while. Britney Spears has a new song. Something about “pieces”. I’m craving Reese’s Pieces right now. They’re yummy. Soft peanut butter on the inside, crunchy candy coated shell on the outside. But I shouldn’t eat them. Too many calories. My Nike sneakers are upside down on the floor. I should go for a run. It’s healthy. But I’m hungry. I could eat an apple. That’s healthy too. But I want to listen to my iPod. I could run and listen or eat and listen. If I run, I wear sneakers. If I wear sneakers, I need socks. And I don’t have socks. I need to go to Old Navy. If I eat, I can update my iPod. Then I don’t have to worry about socks or updating my iPod later. I’ll do that. I’ll eat, update and listen. Too bad I don’t have those apple socks. Then I could eat an apple, listen to my apple iPod and wear apple socks. Then I would be apple-licious. Like that song by Fergie. Fergalicious. I need to buy that song too. And I think I should run. All I do is eat. I am going running.

AH! I have too much to do. Shop, eat, music, run. I’m stressed out. But I can’t get off my bed. It’s too comfortable. I’ll take a nap. Those are relaxing. It’s only 4:42. Nighty-night.

It’s 6:17 p.m. NO! I have so much to do! I have to shop, do the iPod thing, run and eat dinner. Forget the apple. I’ll run, then eat dinner, then shop then do the music thing. But I’ll want to shower once I run. So I’ll run, shower, eat dinner, shop, iPod thing. Ok. Under control.

But wait! What about homework? I’ll just do it while I do the iPod thing.

Carly just texted me. I have to check Facebook. John put up pictures from the party last weekend. I wonder if I look like a fool. I was wearing a sparkly pink sweater. It’s hanging in my closet. It looks tackier by the second. What am I doing next weekend?

I’ll worry about that later. I have to run, shower, eat dinner, shop, do the iPod thing, Facebook and homework. It’s 6:23. I can do this. Yes, yes I can. I can. I will.

I shouldn’t waste a single minute. Let me put my shoes on. But wait! I don’t have socks. Ok I’ll shop, run, shower, dinner, iPod, Facebook, homework. Sounds good. But if I go on Facebook now that will be one less thing to stress about. I’ll do that. But wait, it’s getting dark. Maybe I should go running now. But my computer is two feet away. My phone beeps. Julie wants me to go out to Applebee’s with her. Applebee’s. That sounds good. And I can eat an apple there. Right? Ok, so I’ll Facebook, shop, run, shower, Applebee’s, iPod, homework. I can do this. I can do this. Yes, yes I can. Yes.

I forgot! Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight.

I’ll be up until 2 in the morning. Again.

I better get started. I’m going to get off my bed. But wait, I’ll flip through Seventeen first. Hey look! There’s an Old Navy ad…

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