Flash Fiction

May 26, 2008
By Katie Ptomey, Saint Joseph, MO

Maybe it was his chocolate colored hair blowing gently in the wind, or his beautiful smile with his pear like teeth. Whatever it was, she knew she had to have him.
“Hi, I’m Clara.”
“Hi, I’m Bobby.”
Maybe it was her crystal blue eyes, or her baby soft skin he felt when they shook hands. Whatever it was, he had to have her.

“Wanna go out for a ice cream?” She asked.
He had an accent like her grandfathers. Ol’southern style. Maybe that was it.

At the ice cream parlor they both ordered root-beer floats. And chatted about the summer, and how it was going so far.

“Seventy-Five cents please.”
The waitress said while chewing gum and roller-skating on pink skates. But that’s how they did it back in the 50’s

“Well I guess I’ll see ya’ around.”
Clara stood up and Bobby admired her body, every curve, right down to the tip of her toes.
“Yea, I’ll see you around,”
Bobby said.

Not expecting what would happen next; Bobby got up and kissed her. Gently but with passion, not resisting at all, all Clara could think was……

‘What is my boy-friend going to think?’

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