No Where To Go

May 23, 2008
By shelby russell, Palm Harbor, FL

I’m running over the hot black rocks that scorch my feet as they have been heating in the hot sun all day long. I can feel the warm breeze blowing and the cool waves hitting softly against the cool wet sand.
This is the wrong setting for what is happening to me. I steal a quick glance behind me and try to run faster but trip over a tree stub that has come out of the ground in a twisted angle. When I look ahead of me I notice someone standing there, looking at me in a curious manner. I try to reach him, but before I do, everything goes black.
A few moments after everything turns black, everything turns white. I see some people talking a short distance ahead of me, and yell out to them. I can hear them perfectly, but they are so far away. I try to run, but then I know I am in a dream because I am going in that slow motion everyone does in dreams when something bad is about to happen, or it already has. I look behind me as the Man reaches for me and grabs a hold of my shirt collar and pulls me away from the people I was trying to reach. I started crying, I realized, and before I woke up, the Man said, “ This will be your last look at the green so you better make it last a long five minutes before you go to hell,” and continued pulling me. Then I woke up. I didn't know where I was until I saw the black walls and felt the familier hard mattresses. I was back where I started, back with the Man.

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