The Invaders

May 23, 2008
In 1975, a man named Michael Harris claimed that he saw strange figures in outer space through his telescope. Everyone said he was crazy, but Michael never listened to everyone else. Before he locked himself away from the world, he said the creatures are hidden among us…
Now in 2028 the grandson of Michael Harris is living in Chicago trying to get away from what his grandfather said. The son of Michael followed what his father said and kept trying to convince people to believe the story. The grandson’s name is Sam Harris and he is a Chicago detective. Sam doesn’t dress in the normal cop wear; he wears faded blue jeans, a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket. He wears a Chicago White Sox hat wherever he goes and a pair of Nike running shoes. Sam carries the normal weapons of officers- the usual pistol at the hip hidden behind his leather jacket. While at work one day, Sam got a call, “This is Detective Sam Harris,” he said.
“We need you down here. There’s been a murder,” the man continued.
“I’ll be right there,” Sam said.
Sam got in his new 2027, silver, convertible Corvette and started the engine. He punched in the coordinates and the auto drive kicked in. The car sped off like a silver bullet.
When Sam reached the country house twenty-five miles outside of Chicago there was a smell that smelled like rotten eggs and a thousand rotten bodies. The smell also smelled like sour milk. Sam walked up to the officer trying to ignore the smell.
“What happened?” Sam asked the officer.
“Two people were killed last night, a man and a woman,” the officer said.
“Any signs on how they died?” Sam asked.
“No, but we just found out that there are no insides in them,” the officer said with a horrified look on his face.

“Were there any cut marks on the bodies?” Sam asked.

“No,” the officer replied still looking horrified.

They eat the insides of humans to stay alive, Sam heard his grandfather’s voice in his head. No, it has to be something else, some weird murder, he thought.

“Let me see the bodies,” Sam said while walking to the old house.

When he walked in he felt like he was going to throw up. The smell was worse in the house than outside. I wonder how these people ignore it, Sam wondered.

When Sam saw the bodies he couldn’t believe what he saw. The bodies were just piles of skin, nothing inside of them. The most unusual thing, was there wasn’t any blood around them.

“Detective, you might want to look at this,” the officer said looking outside of the house.

Sam jogged over to where the officer was staring at the house. There was a ship like those in the movies that Hollywood makes. The ship was blinking all over with red, blues, yellows, and all other kinds of colors.

“Look at these too Detective,” the officer said while looking out of the ground. There was a space ship, like in the movies made in Hollywood. The ship was blinking all over with red, blue, yellows, and all other colored lights.

“Look at this too Detective,” the officer said while looking at the ground. There were two feet long imprints that looked like giant footprints with ten toes. Sam’s cell phone started to ring.

“I have to take this, be right back,” Sam said to the officer.

“This is Detective Sam Harris,” Sam said into the phone.

“Harris, we need you down here at the station,” Captain John Austin barked into the phone.

“Captain, we just found-,” Sam started.

“No, there’s something bigger down here,” he interrupted.

Before Sam could say anything the captain hung up. Sam trotted over to his silver Corvette and the door opened. Sam jumped in and hit in the station’s coordinates and the car revved off.

When the Corvette got to the streets of the city, all the people were staring into the sky. Sam pulled down the top of the convertible and looked up into the sky like the others. There was a giant ship that looked like it was fifteen miles long. When he saw the ship it filled him with fear just like when he was teenager coming home after curfew and seeing the “I-am-going-to-ground-you-for-the-next-thirty-years” look on his mother’s face. Then his phone rang. Sam was so shocked that he fumbled getting his phone open.

“Do you see this Harris?” the captain asked also sounding shocked.

“Yeah,” Sam said barely getting the words out, “but I don’t believe it.” Then two flashes of green came out of the ship and a group of people vanished into thin air.

“Sir, two flashes hit a group of people and they vanished!” Sam told the captain.

“What?!” the captain exclaimed.

“A group of people just vanished,” Sam said again into the phone.

“Okay, I’ll send a-,” the captain started.

Sam closed the phone and checked the cover. It was dead. All the lights and all the electric things in the city stopped. Two objects came out of the ship and landed in the middle of the street. The creatures were at least ten feet tall and had giant wings. Their claws looked like they could rip a person apart; with teeth that could bite through steel.

The creatures glared into a group of people and pulled out weird looking five barreled weapons. They jumped into a group of people, began shooting at dozens of them, ripping apart men like they were dolls, and biting through skulls like bread. Sam turned away from the aliens because it became too gory. When Sam looked back at the group, there were only the creatures and a big pile of blood. Then a giant screen came down from the ship and it said:
Pick A Language

Sam walked up to the screen and touched English. A big picture of a creature like the ones on land showed up. “You are under attack by Zokyians from the planet Zokyo. You can surrender or be destroyed. Thank you for listening and I want the answer in two days,” the creature announced calmly.

When it ended Sam was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak. Sam raced to his car and turned on the manual. He drove to the police station at eighty miles per hour. He found the captain outside with a group of heavily armed police members.

“Captain, Captain!” Sam yelled to him.

“Harris, where have you been?” the captain asked.

“The creatures want us to surrender or they’ll kill all of us,” Sam explained.

“I witnessed a entire group of people killed in five seconds,” Sam also said.

“Let me think of something,” the captain said. Fifteen minutes later the captain thought of a plan. “We need to get on the ship and talk to the leader,” he stated.

“Okay, but how do we get on the ship?” Sam asked.

“We get the creatures to take us up there,” he said.

The captain and Sam walked up to the two creatures and told them they wanted to talk to the leader. The creatures agreed and understood them because they were one of first ones on the planet since 1975. The creatures grabbed hold of them and their wings unfolded.

When they got on the ship, the creatures were accompanied by two more with even bigger weapons. The captain went into a room where he was told to give up his weapons. Sam’s turn was next and he put his pistol on the table. The creatures didn’t know Sam had a smaller pistol in a holster at his ankle.

The guards opened a gigantic door and motioned them in. In a big chair was a creature twelve feet tall, bigger than any of the creatures they had seen. The leader wore a hat that looked like a crown on his giant head. The creature said something in his own language and the guards left the room, closing the door with a loud bang.

“Welcome to my ship. You are here quicker than I expected but that’s okay,” the leader said in a gentle voice. “Where are my manners, my name is Joe in your language,” he said. “What is yours?”

The captain stepped up and said, “My name is Captain John Austin and this is Detective Sam Harris.” Sam waved at the leader and the leader waved back.

“We came to tell you that we aren’t surrendering and we will fight back till we all die,” the captain continued.

Joe watched as if he was studying him. The silence was like a debate show and the announcer saying, “And the opponent says.”

“Well this is the first time this has happened,” Joe said and stood up from his chair.
“Usually the planet surrenders and we kill everyone anyway but if that’s your choice that’s okay,” Joe stated. All the doors opened suddenly and about fifty creatures came in.

“Kill them,” Joe ordered, “then destroy the planet.” All the creatures sprang at them and did what he said like they were robots. Sam reached down and grabbed his pistol. Sam came up and pulled the trigger. Bang! One of the creatures fell down by getting hit in what Sam thought was the stomach.

“Hit them in the stomach!” Sam screamed. The captain punched one in the stomach and started to run for the door. Sam followed and two guards jumped in front of the door. Sam shot both of them and kept running with the captain.

“Here catch this,” the captain said and threw a package at Sam. Sam caught it and kept running.

“What is it?” Sam asked, sprinting to catch up to the captain.

“A bomb. We need to put it somewhere and get off this ship,” the captain explained. Sam opened the package and took out the bomb carefully. He put it next to two big pillars and hit the start button. The captain stopped running next to a window and waited for Sam. He jumped out the window and Sam followed. The next thing Sam remembered was sitting on the ground watching the ship blast into pieces and then everything went dark.

In 1975 a man named Michael Harris saw strange creatures in space through his telescope and he was right. Michael Harris and his grandson Sam were put into every history book in all the schools.

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