The Kids Are in Trouble?

May 23, 2008
By Shelby Dyer, Benton, ME

"That was fun but you really need to stop chasing me around the house, I'm tired" said the almost collapsed Narina. She was five short and sweet,and at the time she didn't have much energy. She had the cutest freckled face but at the same time it was so chubby. Her scent was a mix between minty candy or flowery perfume. "Anissa said to stop plenty of times too but I don't see why you don't stop when you are told!" continued Narina. "I will not take this anymore than I have to; I'm going to call mom and see what to do," Narina explained to Jessep. Narina was always the type of kid to tattletale on her brothers or sister; she was mommy's girl.

"She will not do anything about it. I bet she doesn't really care about this situation anyway," Said Jessep. Jessep was the perfect angel and didn't like to get in trouble. He was eight. This boy was nothing like Narina. He had hazel brown eyes and he liked to snap at people when he got mad. "Can you please not get mad at me if I stop because I hate it when your bratty attitude attacks. It's like you're not yourself and that isn't cool," complained Jessep.

"Are you guys okay out there, I hear a lot of commotion coming from Narina," Said Anissa. "I sure hope that you guys are not destroying the house or being mean to each other because then I will come out there and watch your every move."

"Yeah, we're fine but we are trying to figure what we want to do next," they both said with a smile on their faces.

Ok sounds good being close again but we should all do something together like play a board game instead of Anissa having to hog the computer all day, says Narina.

Anissa really liked to go on the computer and talk to her friends. The kids hated it, but she didn’t care what they thought. She was thirteen what do you expect, she wasn’t into anything but electronics. She had straight, golden brown hair, and hazel green eyes that sparkled like a diamond in the light.

She is supposed to be baby-sitting us," replied Narina. " Well, I actually like her on the computer so we can do whatever we want, right?" Narina continued with an evil look.

"Well yeah but she will not like it one bit if we get the house all dirty right after she cleaned; it's just a bad thought." Whispered Jessep. "She will yell at us longer than it took for us to make the mess so let's just chill and not bother her."

"I don't want to sit down and watch stupid television all day!" Screamed Narina. "I am getting Anissa and she will do something with me unlike you........... you meanie."

"Stop yelling, you guys you don't want to get separated do you because I am not going to be very nice." Anissa told them from the hallway.

" I don't care what the heck you do just be quiet, Narina. I'm watching my favorite show and if you want to watch a movie out here well, YOU can't!" Said Jessep.

"I will, just to make you even more mad." She walked down the hall to get her DVD and was acting all nice around Anissa. I'm watching the new princess movie mom bought me for my birthday and Anissa said I could, Jessep."

" You're lying I can tell by the way you are smiling and you are just trying to make things worse," said Jessep. " Let's now settle this and start all over AGAIN and watch that movie of yours."

Narina and Jessep got really bored watching that movie, because they both thought it was a weird kiddy movie. When Anissa came out to get a drink she found out that they were actually destroying the house. Narina was on the coffee table singing like a rock star and Jessep was pretending to be one of the great Transformers. Anissa was so mad at that time that she almost called her mom but she decided to yell a little bit for what the kids had done. "Narina and Jessep Stevens why have you brats destroyed the house!?"

She had finally had it for the day doing work and talking on the computer. She sent them to their rooms for about 15 minutes each. She had also forgiven them because the little sweet Narina came out and said that she was sorry for what she did. Anissa had not cared after that at all. She also apologized to them both for being so mean and not hanging out with them and not paying attention to them whatsoever.

When their mom finally got home, she was very pleased at what she saw. She had three kids happily on the couch, no commotion, no yelling, they were angels. She thanked Anissa for keeping the house in order and then she asked what the kids did that day. They said that Anissa played games with them all day and she made cleaning the house fun for them, and that she was the greatest, big sister alive.

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