May 22, 2008
By Jordan Wesley, McDonough, GA

Chapter One
She was running again. Sweat running in rivlets down the middle of her back. It was always the same. Same woods, same dark, thunderous sky. She never turned around, never quite grasped what made her fear so. "Wake up!" she thought. But her legs kept running never faltering in the breakneck pace. "Ding, Ding Ding!"
Kira shot up in bed, chest heaving and heart racing. "Not again!" she said with a sigh as she fell back on the bed, stray feathers from her pillow tickling her face. "Kira!" screamed a voice from the annoying little box, installed so her parents could bug her al the time but be lazy while doing it. "What!" she screamed back, punching the little button with such force she was surprised it didn't go right through the wall and into the next room.
"Its time for school!" the little voice shreaked. "I know!" she screamed back, rolling her eyes as she turned the annoying box off and strode across the room. Reaching for the blinds she pulled the string and looked out of her window at the scene below, the woods. "Like I need anything more to be paranoid about." she said with a whimper. Shut the blinds with a smack she strode over to the calender and groaned. The first day of school was here.

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