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May 22, 2008
When I was just six years old I began a journey that would take me many places but most of all would teach me many new things pride and respect were the two most important things I learned.

At six years old my dad signed me up for kiddie basics basketball, a program that teaches the basics of basketball before you move into different leagues. The first day so many emotions ran throughout my mind and body at first I was excited but that excitement died down once I got there and I saw how good the other girls were. I was so afraid I begged my dad to take me home but he convinced me to stay awhile. I was had a great time that night and I was so glad that I ended up staying especially since at the end of the practice the head coach congratulated me on good hustling skills. Since that cold day in October I have always believed that I was meant to play basketball maybe not professionally but my life without basketball just wouldn't be complete. Whether I participated in the game or a sat on a couch at my house or a friends house and watched a big game on ESPN I always knew that I would never be able to forget the feelings I felt with a basketball in my hands

That year I was enrolled in a P.A.L. (Police Athletic League) intramural program where I learned the basics of basketball. Each week I would rush my dad out of the house just to get there early and practice what I had learned the week before and beg for just 10 more minutes more after to practice what I had learned that night. I couldn't wait for Monday nights and it became my reason to be happy about Monday's. I was always both happy and excited when Monday night rolled around each week.

The next year I started the St. Elizabeth's CYO( Catholic Youth Organization) League. I practice every day out side of the twice a week practices with the team. The night before my first game I was given a red jersey with my name, my teams name Red Dragons, and my number (two). That night all of my eleven teammates and I made a promise that none of us understood at first. We promised that no matter what we would always respect our selves and every other player on the court an always have pride.

Its been awhile since I made that promise an I still remember the exact words and each time I step foot on a court whether it be in a gym before a game or on the blacktop before a workout I recite the words like they were the pledge. “ I Cherelle King promise, that everyday from now on I will respect myself, my teammates and everyone on the court. I promise to always do my best and never let anyone tell me that my best isn't good enough. The last promise we made was to always have pride. Pride was a big deal to my coach and to every game I noticed that he would wear something that had to do with our team.

Each year after that day in October I remember to always have pride in my team. I have never forgotten that no matter what school I go to or what team I play for or what sport I play that pride and respect are what's most important to have. I think that each year that pledge became apart of me like apart of my character and it helped me learn many new things because by following it I became more open to new experiences and it gave me the ability to learn things I never knew before.

Last year I trained to become a certified junior referee in the St. Elizabeth's CYO youth league. and the summer before last I began my 3 month training to become a coach of the Catholic's United Basketball Organization where I trained to be a coach in the beginners( kiddie) basics basketball where my dreams began. I am now sixteen years old and before each game or workout I recite my pledge as a reminder of the promise I made just nine years ago.

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newyorkcharlotte said...
Sept. 26, 2008 at 9:11 pm
great job keep up the great work looking foward to see more
Mrs. Dewey said...
Aug. 11, 2008 at 12:01 pm
Good job! It is a thrill to see yourself in print. I am glad you followed through with your efforts at publication.
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