May 22, 2008
By Teresa Newton, Lemon, IL

You buy a ticket or two
It’s worth a couple bucks for the thrills it’ll give
You watch the TV that night, waiting for the winner to be announced
First time players might hold their breath,
But you’re no newb; you’ve played this game before
And you don’t expect to win
They call the winners, after each there is a pause
No… you say in your mind as the first few match
It’s just a coincidence, normal people never win!
But as it processes more matches arise,
“NO!” You’re now shouting
“What?” Your family members are rushing in from other rooms
When they enter, they see you staring at the screen
“WHAT!” They shout
Smiling you turn – “I just won the lottery!”
There is shouting, screaming,
“You’ve won! You’ve won!” They all cry
There are cheers, and even some tears
The winning ticket is passed from hand to hand - It’s all so unreal
You call in; go in, what ever it takes to get the cash!
Even after taxes, you’re still loaded
Shopping and amusement park trips are streaming through your mind
But you listen to reason, and prudence - Invest and save, don’t squander it all in one go
You store it away, investments and bank accounts galore!
You’re in the big league now, and nothing is holding back your future!
But family is family, and that’s what you’ll always be,
So you share some of your fortune in troubled times - they’ve always been there for you
And a ‘little’ CA$H isn’t gonna get in the way!

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