The Quest for the Perfect Dress

May 21, 2008
By Anusheh Khoshsima, Commack, NY

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away called the “Upper East Side” two best friends Lady Blair Waldorf and Lady Serena Vanderwoodsen, set out on a quest to find the perfect gown for Lady Waldorf. Lady Blair and Serena were part of the upper class in society. Lady Blair needed to follow certain rules because of her high stature. Although she was conceited and superior she was also loyal and good. Lady Blair held all the qualities of an upscale girl in Manhattan. Lady Blair and Serena were invited to a grand ball and were being escorted by two chivalrous knights Sir Archibald and Sir Humphrey. At the end of the ball two girls would auction off their dresses for charity. They decided to embark on a quest to find the perfect dress for the ball in the town’s most fabulous store, Barneys of course. Serena and Blair began their journey by taking the most elite form of transportation to Barneys other wise know as the taxi cab. After paying the cab driver heftily they each entered Barneys. Lady Blair began skimming the racks as she loudly said “Can I please get some help over here?” A salesgirl immediately came to her aide, but Lady Blair looked down at her and said “You can start by finding me all the pretty dresses here in a size two.” The sales girl nodded meekly and came back shortly with a pile of dresses in her hands. Lady Blair began trying on all the dresses, but none of them were the perfect dress. She had only one dress left it was pure white with sparkling sequences and a satin sash. Lady Blair tried it on and fell in love with it; she smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Lady Serena even loved it and told her she must buy it. She was about to pay for her dress when a pair of dazzling diamond earrings caught her eyes. She asked the salesgirl to get them out for her but she told her there was only one pair left and they were on hold for someone else. Lady Blair was outraged, she had to have those earring they were perfect! Although she knew someone of her class shouldn’t do such a thing; she snatched them from behind the counter before anyone could see. She told the cashier to put the dress and earrings on her tab and left Barneys feeling accomplished. She couldn’t wait to go to the ball with her best friend and show off her new dress! Although she did felt bad for stealing those earrings away from the other girl, she knew they would look better on her anyway!

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