The Haunted Basement

May 21, 2008
By Brittney Miller, Nashville, TN

Once there was a girl named Stacey. She lived in a house and had a little brother she also had three best friends, Samantha, Mary, and Katy. She went to middle school. One day her and her friends were doing a school project at Stacey’s house. They had to write a scary story. So they decided to look on the internet to see about real scary stories. And they found information about houses beside Stacey’s house on there, her house used to be haunted.

She was so surprised when she found out. She told her friends and they started to get scared. Stacey ran downstairs to tell her mom. She didn’t believe Stacey. She went back upstairs. She told her friends that she had to find more information about her house. The information said that 50 years ago there was a family that lived there. And on Halloween night the kids started hearing noises; they were coming from the basement. No one would believe them. And then on that Halloween night they heard it again. It was louder. So the kids went downstairs. They were down there for a long time when her mother went to look for them. They weren’t there.

They were never found. Their mother and the cops looked everywhere. They never found the kids. And all this happened in Stacey’s house. She started to get really scared. They tried not to get scared but they did. They tried to tell Stacy’s mom about it but she wouldn’t believe them. Stacey found out her house was haunted. They tried to forget about it, but a few days later they heard a noise. It was starting to get dark and they started to get really scared. It was two days before Halloween. Mary said they should go see what was going on. The others said no. They were scared. They said just to forget about the noise. But two days later it was Halloween. They went to Stacey’s house scared nothing happened till it started to get dark. They started hearing the noises again. They started getting louder and bigger. They started to get scared again. Then all of a sudden it started to rain; then it started to thunder. Next, it started to thunder really loud. Mary and Samantha said they should go in the basement and see what was going on. So they finally went in the basement.

They went to the basement and they were really scared. Stacey brought flashlights. They went down the stairs. The stairs started to squeal. When they got down there they started looking around. Stacey screamed for her friends to come here. She had found something. It was a key, an old key. They all looked surprised. Then they went around to look for a door. They didn’t find one. So they went back upstairs. They heard it again when they went back upstairs. Stacey said they should go back to the basement and find the door to the key. So they went back to the basement. They looked all around the basement. Then all of a sudden they found a little door. They put the key in and it fit. They decided they were going to go inside. When they went inside it was dark and dusty. They looked around and Mary found a picture. It was a picture of the family. They were surprised and scared. Then the thunder started to get louder. Then the lights went off. Next, their flashlights went out. They started screaming. They tried to run but it was dark. They called for each other. Stacey couldn’t hear her friends.

Next, she had finally got out of the door. Then the flashlights came back on. She ran back upstairs to tell her mom. They looked everywhere. Her mom called the cops. They looked around the town and everywhere.

One year later, they were moved into a new house. It has been a year, and they still hadn’t found her friends. She was sad that they hadn’t found her friends. But she was happy that she didn’t get hurt. I heard someone moved into that house. I hope the same does not happen to them. But I think it will. And that is the story of the haunted basement.

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