Loss Of Respect

May 21, 2008
By Ashley Van, Arlington Heights, IL

It was a Sunday afternoon, and Jordan was playing on the piano. She practiced everyday for hours and hours. At school Jordan was known to be in the “unpopular group” that is where I belonged also. She had a different sense of dressing. Jordan wore loss fitted clothing that never matched. She had big coke bottle glasses, and without them she would not be able to see, so she always had to wear them. She was a very intelligent girl. She was also known as the band geek nerd. I have known her since pre school and we have been best friends ever since.

Throughout the years, we talked about everything such as boys, clothes, people, sex, and drugs. At first we thought boys were strange because they never went out for us, but then we realized that it was not us it was them. We knew they only wanted one thing and that was sex. We promised each other that we would never turn out to be one of those slut girls, and that soon enough a boy would walk our way. We talk about how drugs were stupid and that we would never ever do it, no matter what. If we had a problem we knew we could talk to one another about anything. We use to say we were sisters from another mister.

As the years went by, Jordan’s parents got a divorce. I could tell it was hard on her, so I told her if she ever needed to talk like always she could come to me. She and I both knew that we were always there for each other. Then Jordan started doing poorly in school. She stopped showing up to classes, she started flunking, and sooner or later I knew she would drop out. I thought it was up to me to save her.

Jordan told me she needed my help, and that day was bad, but I told her I would cancel all my plans so that we would be able to talk. We made plans to meet at Starbucks at 4:30. I showed up on time and Jordan was not there, she was known for being late. It was now 4:40 and she did not show up and she did not call. I decided that I should call her maybe something happened. It was not like her not to show up somewhere. I called and called, no one answered. I called her house phone, Jordan’s mom picked up. I asked her, “is Jordan on her way?” her mom told me that no she was at the mall shopping with Cassie. Cassie one of those drug users that goes to our school. I wondered why would Jordan be with her. I couldn’t answer myself, so I thank her mom and told her to tell Jordan to call me when she got home. I was a bit upset, but hey maybe she forgot that we had made plans.

Jordan then calls me that night and told me she had forgot that we had made plans and that she was really sorry. I asked her why couldn’t she of called me and she told me she lost her phone. I asked her why she hung out with Cassie and what did they do? Jordan said that she was a nice girl and all they did was go to the mall to buy some clothes. I asked her if she did any drugs with her and she told me no. That was a relief because throughout our whole friendship we promised each other we would never do it. I told Jordan that I was tired and that I would talk to her tomorrow at school.

The next day, Jordan and I talked. It felt good to know that my best friend was alright. Cassie then shows up telling Jordan that the text she sent her last night was funny, and that they should hang out soon to smoke. Cassie not knowing about our conversation on how she lost her phone and did not do any drugs just told me everything. Jordan turned to me and said, “hey look I’m sorry, but I didn’t not want to hurt you.” I told her “hey have fun with your new best friend.”

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