The Hard Life

May 21, 2008
By Alan Kiley, Manitowac, WI

Marry was only ten when her parents left her. They said they were going to get something for her. They said it would be a surprise. After a day she started to get hungry. When Marry started to get hungry she would try and find any food she could find, but there was nothing. Marry waited for her parents to return, but after five days she was starving to death and knew her parents were not coming back.

Marry walked to the store which her mom would always take her to for grocery shopping. She went to the isle where Mom would always take her for her favorite food. She saw a chocolate cupcake with white whipped cream on it covered in brown and white sprinkles. Her mouth immediately started to water. Marry snatched the cupcake hungrily and shredded the plastic covering off, and stuffing the entire thing in her mouth. When she heard the clerks yell, she sprinted as fast as she could. She wasn’t sure where she was going. When she finally stopped running she was exhausted and instantly fell asleep.

When she woke up, she didn’t know where she was or how she got there. Suddenly she remembered the cupcake. Her stomach growled like a tiger. She started to roam around looking for something to chow down on. Suddenly this wonderful sensation flooded her nose. She followed the scent. It led to a small house. It had a red roof with many different paintings, old knick knacks, and dust on the walls. She saw a delicious looking pie sitting on the window sill, and then she looked around to make sure no one was looking at her. When she saw that the coast was clear, she snatched the pie greedily. When she was done she was a mess.

Marry’s hunger was now satisfied, but she didn’t know what to do next. So she decided to explore were she was. She found a crystal clear pond where she washed off the pie off her face. She also found an apple tree which she could climb and pick apples for her to eat. There was a fallen tree that gave her shelter. All she needed now was some new clothes.

When Marry was walking to the store, she saw a twenty dollar bill on the ground. She snatched it up gladly knowing she wouldn’t have to steal any clothes. She bought two pairs of clothes. One was a t-shirt with jeans, and the other was a sweatshirt with jeans. Winter was almost there so she knew she had to be ready.
After 2 weeks there was a big storm. Marry was hidden under a tree freezing half to death. The tree was very cold its bark was brownish gray, and there was not much there to protect her from the storm.

After a month with not much food, Marry was getting very scrawny and she was not growing that much. Her brown hair was going pale, and so was her skin from lack of food. Marry was struggling through winter. She was never warm and could never tell if the freezing cold was worse or the never ending hunger pains. Her lips were as blue as the sky in summer. She knew she needed to find somewhere warm and some food fast or she would die.

When she was walking in search of a nice warm place, she suddenly remembered her parents and how they would always take her to her favorite place the park with bright green trees big grassy hills and the old rusty swings. Immediately she burst out in tears. The tears were pouring down her face as if they never would stop. When she was done crying some of her tears were frozen to her face and now she was almost frozen into an ice statue.

When she was almost in town Marry saw someone off in the distance she ran toward the man as fast as her legs would carry her. When she got to the place where the man had been he was gone. But she heard a strange whispering “Follow my voice Marry,” Whispered the voice. Marry didn’t know what she should do. She decided to follow the voice. Whenever Marry couldn’t hear the voice she called out say “are you still there?”
It would always answer “yes”.

After about 3 days of nonstop travel Marry Was very tired. All she wanted to do was sleep. The voice told her to stay awake, but after a while Marry stopped listening to the voice. Marry finally stopped and laid down in the snow and fell into a deep sleep.

When Marry awoke she couldn’t feel or move her legs, but she could still see them. She wasn’t sure exactly sure what was happening until after a few minutes and she wasn’t able to feel or move her arms. She knew she was beginning to freeze. After about a half hour she couldn’t feel her body. Suddenly her vision got very blurred like looking through a sheet of ice. Then she couldn’t breathe and it felt like she was flying.

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