May 21, 2008
By Nathan Thor, Manitowoc, WI

One day I, Colonel Jack Sheppard, was taking my team that includes Dr.Sam Mckay, a small pathetic man but a very good friend .He has brown hair a red mustache and he’s overweight (not a good thing on missions). Tim is a man from Kentucky, a down home kinda guy with blonde hair he is very athletic .The last member is Zeder “he’s an alien” but he looks just like a human with black hair and purple eyes. We were on a ride around the solar system.

It was a day like any other day we were all suited up with our bullet proof vests P-90s and Zeder had his stun gun just in case we got into some trouble. As we were traveling around the solar system, we looked for a good spot to cosmic picnic .As we found out, that’s not so easy. Most of the planets in the solar system we were in were not habitable, so we couldn’t touch down on them and leave the ship with out space suits. Instead we tried to find a good place to park the ship with a good view of our planet.

On our way back we saw some very interesting things, like a destroyed spaceship about to crash on it’s final decent to the gas giant it was orbiting. It was a very erie sight, but yet it was amazing to behold. My guess was that it was an abandoned probe sent out by some long forgotten race lost in the winds of time. But I didn’t want my day to be let down by that sad sight, so we kept on moving back to our home planet .The other sight was a marvelous Volcanic eruption on a planet so far away from the sun the lava instantly froze as it shot up and out of the great mountain.

When we got back and started to picnic, I heard a strange beeping noise coming from the control panel. It sounded like an odd warning of which I’ve never heard come from this advanced alien equipment. The sound went like this “beep beep beep “I ignorantly ignored it because I was on a picnic with my best friends and the time I have off now could be the last in a long time.

I should have listened to that little warning because it was a warning stating that our orbit was steadily decaying and we were headed for our planets wet surface. We didn’t realize what was going on until much too late. When we finally realized what was going on we already started to fall. It all happened so fast we barely had time to sit in our seats and buckle in .By the time we were all in our, seats there was nothing I could do to stop us from slamming into the ocean. It was only a matter of time before we hit and then in a split second BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hit with a blood curdling screech. We began our treacherous decent into the cold dark oceanThe only good part was that there was still time to figure out our escape if there was that possibility. The Puddle jumper could withstand immense pressure because it can fly in space and it has to be airtight also, so those were two things we didn’t need to worry about. On the way down we hit an undersea volcano which cracked our window and immediately started to flood the cockpit .So we ran to the back and I manually closed the airtight door .

When we all got in there we started to brainstorm ideas on how to get ourselves out of this situation. Our initial idea was to get Sam to increase the range of my handheld radio but he couldn’t because the water was interfering with the signal. The next idea was the one since there were four spacesuits in the back we could a put one on the one of us could take the emergency woodcutting axe open the back door flood the compartment take the axe out to the front widow chop it open and fly us home.

So we all put on the suits I grabbed the axe opened the door and slowly walked out into the dark abyss it took me several minutes to get to the front and even thought the spacesuit I could feel the immense cold of the water but I remembered once my dad told me during a football game that was really challenging, “Just keep running Jack just keep running.” so I used that as my motivation and made it to the front .I then vigorously chopped at the window till it was open and made it inside. I then radioed Tim to make sure everyone was in the back with the door closed and flew us all the way home.

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