I Am a Run Away

May 21, 2008
By Cameron Born, Rome, GA

I am not a murder. That is one thing I am sure of. I have been running for Mexico for a long week that seemed like a year. Right now I am some where in southern Kentucky.
My stepmother was found dead by my grandparent’s returning with my sister and brother. They were on vacation in Hawaii. I stayed home to house sit. My aunt lives next door so she would check up on me every so often, and I emphasize the word often. She wouldn’t leave me alone. My dad went to meet my mom in Detroit for her to sign the divorce papers. At the same time my grandparents flew in and took Tyler and Elizabeth to Hawaii. My stepmother is going to stay here at our beautiful house until my dad is on his way home. My annoying stepmother thinks I am still ten. I am 12 years old thank you.
My step mom and I fight a lot and I hate her. My real mom was great, I don’t know how my dad cheated on her for this ugly four year old. That is exactly what she is a four year old. When she doesn’t get her way she has a fit and then my dad gives her what ever her little heart desires.
Anyway my grandparents came home at 2:34 in the afternoon, opened the door and saw her sprawled on the floor. She had a knife in her back. They called the NYPD (New York Police Department). I was at my Aunt Belles house. They said that the body had been there only a few hours. We left for the police station at 12: 22. We have a very small town on the outskirts of New York. The police station was a one story building with only one holding cell. The police interrogated me for six hours straight! The had a story made up after 30 minutes. They said that I had another fight with her, got mad, grabbed a knife and stabbed her as she walked away. But I have a different story. I told them that the story was all wrong. What happened is that one of those people who sell door to door showed up at our house. That was normal, but three days in a row different uniform and different name every day. He was tall, had black hair and he had an English accent. One day he was trying to sell school supplies from office depot, another day he was trying to get a petition signed to get rid of our governor. Then the last day he was selling a new gaming system, he called it The Cube. The Cube hasn’t been on the markets yet and he was selling it for only fifty dollars. My idea was great buy it then resell it. I would sell it for more that three hundred dollars on EBay. So from there I went to get the money from our small floor safe, but all I had was a hundred dollar bill. He told me he could make change, but he had to go out to his van. I quickly opened it to play it before I sell it and all that was in there was a green brick. A green brick! So I ran outside and saw the very same silver van speeding away. My stepmother wasn’t home until I was walking out the door to go to my aunt’s house. I didn’t tell her that he had stopped by and I took some money from the floor safe. My step mom would have been furious if I took money with out asking. That’s when I realized that I told him personal information. This was big. That’s when it hit me. Like a football player running into the goal post. Like a cat running into the glass sliding door. Like, well you get the point. I told a total stranger that my mom was gone and it was only me and her in a very big house. I also told him that I was about to go next door to my aunties house. It all came together I told him I was going to leave, so he sold me a brick for some quick cash in case he didn’t have a chance to break in, but the police wouldn’t believe that. I’m being tried as an adult, that’s the death penalty! I had no choice make a run for it. I was allowed to have books so I read up on trains and buses going to Mexico. Then I read up on how to pick locks. That book I wasn’t allowed to have so I acquired a January birthday. My friend Joseph has a dad in Mexico. He sent me a chocolate cake with the book inside. It took me two days, three hours and a half. Then I was my anniversary and I got apple pie with a few paper clips and a hair pin inside. I have two weeks until my trial. I’m going to be in Mexico by then. I’m leaving to night and I’m leaving this story behind just in case I don’t make it back, because I’m not stopping until I can see The San Francisco Temple

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