Welcome Home!

May 21, 2008
By Emily Yarbrough, Armuchee, GA

“Goodbye” he said to her. “Bye” she said as a tear rolled down her face. Jake was leaving to go into the army and wouldn’t be back for a long time. As she let go of the fence that she was holding on to for dear life, she watched the plane take her fiancé and 100 other soldiers to a country where they might not ever return. Katie cried all day and all night. She couldn’t stand the thought of him fighting when it wasn’t even his fight.

She went on for days and days just sitting in his room sobbing, and looking at pictures of them when they were together. The next day she went on to school and she tried to act like there was nothing wrong, but everyone around her knew that Jake had left and they tried to help her get through it. “It’s going to be okay!” her best friend Alyssa said. “No what if he never comes back?” Katie said. Her friend told her not to think about that, but she just couldn’t help it.
She went on and tried not to think about it and when she got home her mom told her that she had a letter from the US ARMY, and Katie knew that it had to be from Jake so she opened it up really quickly. When she got it opened she found a picture of him in his uniform and a letter. The letter said,
Katie, I have missed you so much and I know you have missed me too. I know I can’t talk to you on the phone so can write you letters. I hope everybody is doing well, tell your mom I said hello and that I am fine. We are now in Iraq and then were going to fight somewhere else. Well I got to go Katie I’ll write you again tonight I love you, JAKE.

Katie felt a lot better now knowing that he is alright, she dried her tears and went on to bed. Later that night she had a dream that Jake was fighting and that he had gotten shot and killed and Katie woke up in the middle of the night thinking what if this did happen to him I would never be able to see my fiancé again. She cried all night and she couldn’t go back to sleep because she was thinking about that all night and how it could possibly happen. The next morning it was Saturday and Katie couldn’t wait to check the mail and see if she had anything from him. There was nothing from Jake not a letter or anything. She thought that maybe I should write him a letter and see how he is doing so she wrote him a letter it said,

Jake I have been wondering about you a lot. I have been having a lot of trouble just thinking about you not here but I am trying my best to not think about it and do everything I am supposed to do. Well I got to go mom is calling me to help her oh and she says hey!! I love you Katie.

Katie went on and she thought about everything and she just went on next thing you know it is two years later and Katie is still living life to the fullest and she has been so happy because they sent Jake home because he had gotten shot and they had sent him to a hospital in his hometown and luckily it didn’t kill him but the others who were right beside him in the war was right there in the hospital by his side just like his fiancé was. She was so happy when she found out he had come home for good and she couldn’t wait to see him. Later in the year they had gotten married and they were so happy that he had come home because they might not have ever seen each other again and so they were really lucky. Later that year she had found out that she was going to have a baby girl and they were so happy that she was going to have somebody else be apart of their family.

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