Sarah's Heart

May 21, 2008
By jordan booke, Armuchee, GA

“Sarah”, I wept as the cancer snatched her heart away
from me. I lost my sister, my best friend the only sibling I had.
“Hi. My name is Anna and I am fifteen.

Sarah had been fighting the cancer for about two months before she pasted away. She was fourteen and in the eight grade, had tons of friends, and a boyfriend named Paul. They had been going out for eight months. He loved her humor and the way she would explain things.

The cancer she had was a brain tumor. It took over her body very fast. The doctors did everything they could do but nothing seemed to help. She was very strong and brave through all of this.

Sarah had a healthy body; she ate well, and exercised. The thing that I don’t get is why her? Why not me! Sarah had tons to live for, she was a Christian, had a good boyfriend, and knew what she wanted to do in life. I on the other hand, am a Christian but have no clue what I am doing in life. I truly believe that in my heart God had it planned for Sarah to die but something tremendous to happen.

“Anna telephone”, my mom yelled. I ran and grabbed the phone. “Hello”, I said. “Hello, Anna this is Paul’s mother Mrs. Hampton”, she said a little nervous. “Oh hello”, wondering why she wanted to talk to me. “I am afraid I have some bad news and maybe some good news”. As I heard those words come out of her mouth I was worried.

She said “The bad news is Paul needs a heart transplant. The doctor said he could survive if he uses Sarah’s heart. You see Sarah and Paul both have the same blood type, which happens to be rare.”

As I thought I started to say to myself here is the tremendous thing that God wanted to happen. I quickly said that I would tell my parents and see what they’d say, and then call her back.

As soon as I walked into the den where my parents were, my mom asked “Anna what was that all about?” I told her about Paul and what would need to be done for him to live. My Mom and Dad both said that they would be glad to donate Sarah’s heart to him. So I called backed Mrs. Hampton and told her the news. She was pleased and for sure thankful.

Paul was in the hospital ready for his transplant and you could tell he was anxious and nervous. The next day I woke up and immediately called The Hamptons. I asked “how was the transplant?” She said that it went great and he would be out in two days.

Well two days later showed up and Paul was out. He was so grateful that he received and survived the surgery. I know that Sarah would have donated her heart no matter what.

It was thirty years later that I got a phone call saying that Paul had passed away in his sleep. His heart had given out. I found out that Paul was forty-three years old; he ended up getting married and having three kids. Paul had a wonderful life and was a good man. I know in my heart that Paul had always loved Sarah. As for me I think about her everyday and love her with all my heart.

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proudnana said...
on Aug. 7 2008 at 2:18 pm
Great story Jordan - you are showing a mature and caring spirit. Keep up the good work!


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