May 21, 2008
By Kaitlin Harris, Rome, GA

“We had been best friends since day one, so one argument wouldn’t change it all or would it?”

My best friend, Alyssa who was controlling and loud, but still my best friend, but this put things into perspective. ”How could you?” I wondered, impacted by what I had just happened. It had been early Tuesday morning around 8:30 or 9:00.We were in first block which was mine and Alyssa Spanish class. Right before I went to class I saw my other friend Jameson running to the bathroom. I figured she just was in a hurry or something.

I began swiftly walking to Spanish in fear I would be late, when I heard my name being bellowed down the long narrow hallway. The voice sounded surprisingly familiar but to my disbelief it had been Karen whom I barely knew, then I turned before I could say anything she had already jolted my way and now was right in front of me. She said did you hear what happened to Jameson? No what ha…. I was cut off by the sound of the bell ringing. She said “Ill tell you later” then she hurtled off to class. I stood there in pure astonishment wondering how bad it could have been which made me even more curios.
Then I quickly remembered that I had Spanish and I hurried into the room. When I got into my seat which was currently adjacent to Alyssa’s but I decided against saying something to her at least until I found out from Karen what exactly happened. Once class was over I hurried out of the room not saying anything to anyone. Once in the hall I frantically looked for Karen and Jameson, but they seemed to be nowhere when I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned around to see Alyssa. She quickly said what is up with you today? Right about the time I was fixing to answer I see Karen running our way. When she reached us she said did she tell you? I said “no I never ask” by then Alyssa appeared not to have any clue what we were talking about and she was asking questions. Then Karen stepped in and said “you know exactly what you did” Alyssa said “actually I don’t if I had known I wouldn’t of ask.” Karen took that offensively and stormed off. Alyssa said what’s her problem I said “that was very rude to say” she said what are you talking about she went off on me first”. Before I could even get a grasp on the situation I blurted out in a screaming tone “no you did something to Jameson.” This even surprised me. So I was guaranteed that is surprised Alyssa. Once I actually realized what I did. I turned to look at Alyssa. When she noticed me looking at her she didn’t say a word she just slowly turned and walked away as if she was a deer in the headlights. I still was in disbelief I had no clue what had just happened.

The rest of the day was horrible I couldn’t concentrate in any of my classes. All I kept thinking about was the look on Alyssa face and still not knowing the whole story. At lunch the truth would be unfolded.

Only 30 minutes I thought. As I waited patiently I conjured up questions to be asked. Once I heard the bell ring I had a funny filling in my stomach. I was walking down the hallway fixing to step threw the doors when I felt as if I should turn and run away but there was no time for that. I had to find out the truth. As I sat down at the awkwardly silent table I began to become very impatient when nobody said anything. So I spoke first and I didn’t beat around the bush I ask Jameson directly what happened. She seemed hesitant to say so I ask Karen and Karen began to tell me that Alyssa had been spreading rumors about Jameson. When Alyssa jumped in and said no I have not why would I do that? Then I yelled “I’m tired of arguing I want to know the truth and since you two cant quit arguing im going to ask Jameson and you two don’t speak!” By then I was furious at the two for acting so immature.

Once again I ask Jameson “what happened?” She finally spoke up and said everyone’s been telling me that Alyssa is talking about me behind my back. That’s why I was crying this morning. But after that I confronted Alyssa and ask her and she said she wasn’t and that she promised. So I believed her. Well cant we all just forget it and be friends if it wasn’t true? Alyssa and Karen, can you? Can you two? “If Jameson believes Alyssa then so should I.” said Karen. “True” said Alyssa.

Later on that night, as we all took a seat in Jameson’s room.
So were all friends now? I asked.
There was a short silence then all the girls said in unison “Yes” then broke out in a hysterical laugh. Once they quieted down. Jameson said “I knew our friendship was strong enough to make it through. All the girls just nodded in agreement while all of them wore a wide smile.

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