The Black and White Ball

May 20, 2008
By Mariam Ehrari, East Northport, NY

Once upon a time, in a kingdom only for the elite, lived Lady Vanderwoodsen and her best friend Lady Waldorf. Lady Vanderwoodsen had precious long dark hair, hazel eyes, she was tall and slim in figure and had a distinct yet familiar look. Lady Vanderwoodsen was very generous, kind, and giving, anything unlike that was highly uncharacteristic of her. Her life was as perfect as it could be. She was dating a very handsome and chivalrous knight, who was known by the name of Sir Humphrey. Sir Humphrey, also had dark features, brown eyes, black hair, he was tall and broody and was of a lower class than Lady Vanderwoodsen. Lady Vanderwoodsen did not care though, she was madly in love with him and did not pay mind to what others said.

Lady Vanderwoodsen, was at this moment, staring into the full length mirror in her room, with the white gown she had bought only yesterday with her best friend Lady Waldorf, for this evenings Black and White Ball. She was very pleased with her attire and was eternally indebted to her best friend for finding the gown. Though she felt morally wrong, since she had stolen the dress, due to the extensive debt on her credit card, Lady Vanderwoodsen wore it anyways. She promised to herself she would put the dress back in the store first thing in the morning, after the amazing night she was going to have with Sir Humphrey.

As she was leaving she quickly remembered Sir Humphrey was not coming to pick her up. They decided that Lady Vanderwoodsen had to find Sir Humphrey at the Ball before midnight or she will have failed her quest for the night. This was going to be no ordinary task because everyone at the ball would have masquerade masks on, and to find her guy in a pool of dozens, was not going to be easy.

At the ball, Lady Vanderwoodsen was having the utmost difficult time finding her beau. She even cheated by asking Lady Waldorf to tell her what he was wearing, but Lady Waldorf kept her word to Sir Humphrey and said nothing. At one point Lady Vanderwoodsen got upset to the point where she started ripping off the masks of all the guys in her path. This was improper and highly unlike Lady Vanderwoodsen.

She started running out of time, it was five minutes to midnight and yet Sir Humphrey was nowhere in sight. Then she spotted him, out of the corner of her eye, those gleaming dark eyes caught her attention. He was staring right at her as if he had been waiting their all evening, following her every move. She ran up to him, pushing many out of her path in an unmannered way, but she did not care, she had found him and that was all that mattered. They spent the rest of the night dancing away, but only after Lady Vanderwoodsen apologized to the people she had disrespected on the path to her quest. The night ended well, and as Lady Vanderwoodsen promised, she returned the dress the next day, and even gave a generous check, made out to the store, for what seemed to them an anonymous reason and pure generosity.

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