The Harp

May 20, 2008
By Arthur Lichorobiec, Prospect Heights, IL

There once was a boy who went on a journey across the world in search of the legendary harp which only existed in fairy tales and ancient legends. He traveled across the world in search of this harp, he looked close and far. The harp was known for giving you one wish. The one wish could be anything ranging form immortality to as much as money you desired. The boy who was known as little Jimmy was raised in a poor family which did not have much. Little Jimmy had a big problem his mom was seriously ill and she had only a few months to live. Good old Jimmy did everything he could to help her, but she was still ill. He promised his mom that he would go find the legendary harp if it’s the last thing he does. On a chilly summer morning Jimmy set out on his journey. Jimmy knew where to go because he answered the riddle that no could. The answer to the riddle was that the harp is somewhere in the fjords in Norway. On his journey he met a friend that would keep him company through out the journey. It was a big wolf that accompanied him. Jimmy has never seen anything so beautiful as the Fjords. He followed a mystical path into the thick thorn bushed forest which gleamed with swaying trees. The trees where as if talking to him guiding him through the razor sharp bushes. Then out of no where he saw a shiny river which shined like silver, but was deadly like acid. Anything that fell into the river never came out because it melted. Little Jimmy hopped above the river landing on stones that where in the water. He saw the gleaming harp from a distance he looked at the wolf and thought to himself “ so it’s true he thought, it’s really true”. Jimmy grabbed the harp and went back home with the one wish he promised he would devote to his mother. Upon arrival Jimmy received a phone call from the doctors that his mom had one day to live. Jimmy decided this would the time to use the wish and he wished for his mom to be healthy and to be cured from the illness that had no cure. His mother instantly felt a magical power rush her body and she started to feel full of energy. As hours passed she was cured and the harp disappeared. Jimmy and his mom lived happily ever after with no illness plaguing his mom.

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on Sep. 2 2008 at 7:27 pm
wow its so cool

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