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May 30, 2012
By Mohamedz BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Mohamedz BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Fiction Story
Once upon a time, Anna was completely satisfied with the way she used her brains and, meanwhile, totally disappointed with how Sami, her boyfriend, used his. As crazy as she was about riding with him in his new SUV, Anna and Sami decided to take a joy ride cruising around in the streets of the city nearby their village.
On their way to the city, it did not take Sami long at all until he started to show off, trying to further impress Anna. On the one hand, he was stupid with happiness, picking up his speed to over one hundred miles per hour within a few minutes. On the other hand, he was foolish with pleasure, skidding and smoking the tires in addition to spinning the wheels so many rotations in a matter of seconds. So frightened and worried sick about his and her lives, Anna screamed, cautioning Sami to drive carefully. Instead of listening to her, Sami started to demonstrate his latest stunts, increasing Anna’s level of both discomfort and anxiety. Lucky for Anna, the city cops put her at ease, pulling Sami over. Having been rightly fined and also having jeopardized his driver’s license of getting revoked, Sami singly decided to stop by his favorite night club without asking Anna’s opinion.

In the night club, Sami got a lot to drink and he instead on driving his SUV, himself, back to their village while ignoring Anna’s suggestions. Anna used her brains wisely, refusing to ride back with him but rather she called a cab. Anna told Sami off and she then broke up with him. Her last words to him were: “better safe than sorry, you should not drive you fool, you should use your brains, you stupid Sami.” But, once again, he would not listen.
Having been so stubborn, Sami got in his SUV and he ended up hitting an electrical pole as he drove while intoxicated. Not only was his SUV totally damaged, but also Sami was left in critical condition. Although he was lucky to be alive, Sami spent the rest of his life paralyzed.

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