The Unhappy Story

May 20, 2008
By Maurice McNair, Marietta, GA

Once upon a time… you know what, there never was a once upon a time; there is never a happy ending either. When I say never I mean never. In this world you have to be aware of everything that happens around you and in the world. This is the story of two people down on their luck and hoping their luck gets better.
The first person is John who lives on the streets of New York City. Eight years ago he got a girl pregnant in high school and he dropped out to help the mother with the baby. Although, when he went to the apartment, the one he was going to live in with the mother, the mother and the baby were gone. He didn’t know where or why they left all he knew was he was alone. When he got back to his parent’s house his stuff was out on the lawn. The door was locked and all the lights were off. Ever since then he has been fired from jobs over and over again. He stayed at his girlfriend, at the time, house and then got kicked out, because he could not keep a job. He had gotten use to bad luck but when his brother, who he was very close to, died that was the most bad luck he could take. At first he thought that there was no use in living and wanted to commit suicide but the police stopped him from jumping off the bridge. But soon there will be something to live for.
The second person is Crystal who also lives in the streets of New York City. Her parents died in a car accident when she was very young. Since then she has been in foster home after foster home. She has never had a real family so she is a loner and has no respect for anyone else. She has never had a boyfriend and can’t keep a job so she lives on the streets.
One day they both just so happened to be sleeping in the same alley in boxes, and they had exclusive boxes with windows, and they started to talk and tell each other their life stories. They would meet at the same time everyday and tell about their days. Eventually they got together, and their life’s changed; because they were happier. And everything was perfect until they both died. It was very sad and like I said there are NO happy endings.

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