Dreams: Going Classical

May 20, 2008
By Darien Malone, Marietta, GA

“Ok guys; make sure you finish unit 3 review.” Mr. Esterman said as we all walked out of the class. I felt my pants falling so I pulled them up. “Dude, do you have a belt?” Adrian inquired. “Yeah, of course!!” I replied. I should have put a belt on. Adrian voiced my thought, “You should have put a belt on. Nobody wants to see your shorts.” I began ponder my newfound situation. With my pants so low it would be hard to walk and it would look stupid if I kept one hand on my pants all day. I sat down at my desk and logged on to my computer. Maybe instead of just wearing some basketball shorts I should have worn a belt without buckling it all the way. I got lost in my thoughts, not noticing that I was supposed to be heading for lunch. I looked at the clock, 11:05. 45 minutes until forth period. I walked out the door, hands in my pockets in an effort to keep my pants up.

We were walking back to the classroom when my pants ALMOST feel off my waist. Thankfully I caught them. That was close, way too close. I put my big, black binder back into my bag. 11:40, only 10 more minutes until fourth period. With my fourth period being on the other side of the school, I had to be careful. “Alright everybody I will see you tomorrow.” Ms. Bowie said as we all left her class. I, again, put my hands in my pockets and walked to science.


I barely made it to science because I walked the long way at the slowest pace I thought I had ever walked. I cut it really close there. I’m going to have to run if I want to get to Language Arts on time. “Hi, Mrs. Clark, how are you?” I said, out of breath, as I walked to my seat. Another short class this time the sub, Ms. Pinson, let us play games after we finished the packet we were working on. As we got our bags, I got ready to run just to make it to class on time. I took longer than I expected to get my stuff together because the bell rang 2 minutes BEFORE I walked out the door. I ran out the door and up the stairs. I felt my pants falling but I didn’t care I was just trying to get to class. I got to the sky walk at 1:13; I knew I would have to speed up to get to class on time so I ran as fast as I possibly could. That’s when….
Boop, Boop, Boop!! “NO!!” The bell rang seconds before I got to the door; Mrs. Moore was just closing the door when I slide through. “You’re late Darien. That’s a detention. You can serve it on Thursday.” She said calmly, in a somewhat uncaring way. “WHAT!!” I was astonished that I got detention for being seconds late. “I have a chorus practice on Thursday! How can you give me detention for being, like, 4 seconds late? It’s not fair!!” I almost yelled at her until I realized that everyone was staring at me. “What? What is it? So I’m late, does it really matter?” I said baffled because normally, being late isn’t a big deal. “I see London, I see France, I see Darien’s underpants!!” Darryl came out of nowhere with the statement. I looked down and almost jumped out of my skin!! My pants were at my ankles AND I was wearing some Tweety Bird underwear. “OH MY GOD, what the heck!?!?” How I didn’t notice it I will never be able to figure out. My skin became, oddly, pale and I fainted.


BEEEEP!!BEEEEEP!!BEEEEP!! I woke up and checked to make sure that I had some shorts on then I got out of bed and began to get ready for school. I was exasperated that it was all a dream. Thank goodness. I thought to myself. I walked out of my house and got on the bus ready for another day of school.

PS. I had on a belt…..

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