Death and Romance

May 20, 2008
By Lexi Krier, Marietta, GA

I began to think I was growing crazy. All the movement. All the colors. There’s a door? I ask myself. “Wake up, Natasha!” the teacher screamed.
“Huh? Hmm. Oh. Uhh. Sorry,” I said.
“Hey, Where should I sit?” the new guy said. “Oh. I have a new student? No one ever told me about this. Just go over and sit by Natasha. Maybe you can keep her from falling asleep. What is your name?” she inquired. “Daniel. Daniel Bensemar,” he replied. Daniel. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. What could I say? I’m already in love. As soon as he sits down, I’m already blushing. With a face as red as a tomato I said, “Hi…I’m Natasha.” “Hello, Natasha. So, what are we doing anyway?” he replied in a sweet voice, which, by the way, made me blush harder. By now, my face had already turned scarlet. “Well, she said that, uhh, we are supposed to clean the paints and put the trays on the shelf.” “Sounds easy enough. Let’s get to work,” he says as we start to shuffle around the room.


As soon as the bell rings I’m out of my seat running towards the door. “Natasha!” the teacher screams, “Get back here right this instant!” But I was already out of the room and down the hall. Of course, I was embarrassed because of Daniel. I was going to ask to show him to his next class, but I quickly decided against it, therefore I was running. Thump, thump, thump, goes the sound of my feet hitting the ugly school floor. As I started to slow down, my best friend Nicole was chasing after me. “Whoa, what happened back there?” she asked as she slowed to a stop. “Nothing, nothing. Nothing happened.” I could tell she didn’t believe me.
“Stressful day?” she asked.
“Very,” I responded.
“You know what that means right? Rice Krispies!”


Thirty minutes later, we were at home, already cooking the rice krispies. My mom was going to soo mad at me. There were supplies for rice krispies every where! “Nicole, what are you doing this week--” I was interrupted by the screeching tire noise outside. I was about to scream in horror, but it was too late. They were already gliding through the door. Wait, they..were….gliding. THROUGH THE DOOR. What was going on? I was looking around, and I saw that Nicole was trapped in one of the ugly gray creatures arms. She was trying to scream, but she couldn’t. Why is this happening? “Natasha? Natasha!” Nicole was screaming as I was pulled back to reality, “What’s wrong? Why are you on the floor? Whats happening?”
“The…those creatures! Didn’t you see them?”
“You fainted, what are you talking about?”
“The creatures! Those ugly creatures!”
“I think you might have hit your head. Let’s go to the hospital.”
She was already walking to the hallway, opening the door.
“No!” I screamed and the door slammed shut.
“Natasha.. What was that?”
“The door closed by its self. I didn’t touch it.”
“That’s humanly imposs-”
“Natasha. This is freaky. Im going home.”
“The door,” Nicole says, “It’s stuck. It wont work!”
God, can’t you please open the door! I started to think.
The door popped open.
“Whoa, this is just too freaky for me. Im out. Peace.”
And she left.

The horror begins.


Have you ever had the feeling you were trapped in a nightmare? Have you ever felt that way ALL THE TIME?
Well I do. And that is where Daniel Bensemar comes in. My nightmare has only just begun.

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