May 19, 2008
Staring at the fissure in the earth, Eagler stood just less than six feet tall. He wore plain clothes of a green color. On top of this garments, steel armor encased his body, as well as a plain iron sword hanging from his belt. Aside from metal, Eagler had grey eyes and lengthy white hair. These qualities belong to a race known as the Beorc. Most Beorc embark every year on a voyage.
This quest was to obtain the Orb of Vulcan, an item supposedly able to grant its wielder immorality. Many others had sought the life-granting sphere, and none were ever known to have found it. Others had never been seen again. However dangerous the expedition might be, Eagler was ready. This readiness came from three years of thorny and arduous training.

Silently, Eagler peered into the blackness of the grotto. It was an uncultivated crevice in the earth, or so he thought. The room appeared previously occupied. Worn symbols on the frieze lined the walls, and charred logs lay centered on the floor. On the back face of the room, Eagler noticed a small black opening. Attracted by curiosity, he stepped forward. Marching into yet further blackness, Eagler’s lantern flickered on.

“Hello?” Eagler hollered.

“Jurvize ret gurya al.” answered a voice. It was a rather tall looking man, with a head full of brown hair. He bore a dark blue tunic and a belt. On this belt was a ruby encrusted great axe. Aside from his wardrobe, he had blue eyes, which stared back at Eagler in wonder. The man’s stony face was expressionless.

That’s the language of the Laguz. The Laguz, Eagler thought. The Laguz were ancient people commonly known for their unique language and their half-human-half-beast ways. They were known to live in a secluded country covered in dense thickets of green.

“Do you speak the modern language?”

“I not so good at modern.”

“Who are you?”

“Layel, son of Aen, son of Talrath. Who are you?”

“I am Eagler. I am in search of the Orb of Vulcan. Do you-“

Layel’s voice became a sudden boom, “Ravhel keht gurya yurk feld!”

“What is it?” Eagler said with worry in his voice, “Do you know something?”

“Leave this place. I hold the Orb of Vulcan, and I might not let it touch another!”

The glint of Eagler’s sword became more perceptible as it slid out of its scabbard. Without thinking, Eagler leapt out at the Laguz.

“Fool!” screamed Layel, as his enormous axe countered Eagler. The battle raged, as Eagler flailed at Layel blindly. Eventually, Eagler found himself being put on the edge of a precipice by Layel’s clean attacks. “Eagler will die if he do not leave NOW,” boomed the Laguz.

“Why do you let me leave? Why don’t you kill me?” questioned Eagler.

“I cannot let you touch such a tainted object! It is evil,” replied Layel.

“What can be greater than immortality?” Before Layel could reply, Eagler’s blade was up against the Laguz’s throat.

“The wool pulled over your eyes, boy! This not item anyone want.” His tone suddenly became sullen. “I was once you, seeking glory. The Orb of Vulcan an item, corrupted by Father of Mendacity himself.

“It was 400 years ago. I come search for glory. I kill man with big sword. I then take orb, and I felt filled with ugliness. I try to leave, and I no move. I have not able to leave in ever. That is what the Evil One did. He causes men to kill other beings, as well as kill himself.” At the end of his short tale, Layel’s eyes became filled with tears.

“Layel, son of Aen, is there any way to rid this taint?”

“Tiny Beorc, such a thing cannot be done.”

Glancing over at the orb, Eagler began to fall deep in thought. He started over to the orb to get a good look at it. Upon his third step, his foot met a stone.

“NO!” Layel’s scream filled the cavern, and his lungs stopped working.

Falling, Eagler tried as hard as he could to avoid the orb. After what seemed like hours, he hit the ground. The orb was mere inches from his left hand. Eagler then let out a big sigh, which allowed Layel to breathe. Before moving, a sudden gust arose from outside, sweeping the orb towards Eagler. The orb tapped Eagler’s hand. At the same moment, Layel fell to the ground in a blood-curdling scream. Walking over to the precipice, beside which Layel’s body lay, Eagler began to weep. Thoughts raced through Eagler’s mind. What about the town girls? What about my family? What about me…? Rocks tumbled off the edge of the cliff. Eagler’s mouth dropped as he spun around. Layel was gone.

Forty-seven years later, a man named Elric came to the cavern. Elric had a similar look to Eagler. Although he had a similar look, Elric’s figure was a bit more plump and he wore a small steel sword and no armor. Before Elric could even began to talk, Eagler broke out in a painful tale. After finishing his story, Eagler told Elric to stand back.

“What makes you think I should believe you?” stammered Elric.

“Believe me, or suffer an eternal life of loneliness.”

“That orb…you don’t know what glory it will bring.”

“If you choose to suffer, you will kill the two of us. If not, only I will die, if I die.”

Without replying, Elric drew his sword.

Eagler drew his weapon in return. “Stand down, or suffer.”

Elric’s blade met Eagler’s armor. Eagler backed away, and Elric dove for the orb.

“No! You doom yourself fool. Do not touch-” There was a short throbbing howl, alongside very much pain.


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