May 19, 2008
By sarah johnson, Mattawan, MI

Suddenly everything got quiet.

No one could believe what the loud speaker had just told them! It said “code red south end.”

When though's words came rumbling out even the tables shook with horror.-

In our school “code red” meant there was someone on campus that wasn't suppose to be and they were armed. South end means our building. We're the south building!

Mrs. Parel's room was not safe, it has many windows, and not many places to hide from intruders.

Slowly walking to the light switch, Mrs.P clicked off the lights and gave quiet instructions. “Class, I need you to flip your desks and push them against the wall, table top out facing the middle of the room, but be silent” she whispered.

“Morgan will you do a head count please.” “Yes” I whispered “10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20, everyones here Mrs.P.” I quietly exclaimed.

She sighed with relief that all her students were safe.

Me, I didn't feel safe, I felt like someone was watching us waiting for one wrong move.-PAINTING W/ PARTICAPALS

Leaves crunching, sounds of foot steps flooded the ground only inches away from the window closest to me.

I didn't move, I didn't think about breathing and I definitely didn't say a word.

One question came into my mind, “What about Jane.” Jane is the new girl, not posted on the roster. She's out in the hall way working on her story, she says she works better in the quiet.-HERE.

Jane doesn't know our codes yet, she's totally clueless to whats going on, clueless to might be lurking around any corner.-REPITION FOR AFFECT.
I snapped my fingers to get Mrs.P attention. She turned to me I pointed to the door.

She gasped in horror.

She ran silently to the, looked out her little window to see, nothing but carpet and darkness.

“I wonder whats taking her so long”I asked myself.- THOUGHT SHOT

“What is she doing a quiet voice asked. The voice sounded like Jane's, it was Jane.

“Mrs.P shes right here.”

“Thank goodness your alright.” she whimpered.

Mrs.P now turning to see the well distinguished shadow-SEE, probably two steps from her window. Seeing it move her, please-be-the-principal-telling-us-every-thing's-okay look.

But it definitely wasn't the principal.

Mrs.P quick hooped over her desk and hid.

Then he appeared, he appeared out of the shadow that once stood before him.

His eye pressed against the glass using his hand to shield the light,his eyes scanned the room. I hopped he wouldn't see anyone.

My hands shaking at the thought of being seen, heart racing with the intensity of the moment, sweat dripping from my hair line from the nerves run wild inside of me.-MAGIC 3

This man in my point of view is a fearless cyclone, wiping out whatever gets in his way.METAPHOR.

I'm like a rock, stuck,trapped and helpless.-SIMILE.

Jane had seen me shaking, she put her arm around me and clutched my arm comfortingly.

“What will happen to me, to us?”

My thoughts were destroyed as the creature pounded on the window, he waved at the boy across the room. The man saw his eyes looking from behind the desk. Thats all he needed to know his next move.

The man pulled out a hammer.

A silver, steal, merciless destroyer- PAINTING W/ ACTION VERBS.

The man, a fearless intruder, stalking our class searching for one careless mistake, enjoying the terror running through the school like wildfire.-PAINTING W/ appositive.

Hands trembling, on the carpet, I crept my way to the targeted boy.-PAINTING W/ ABSOLUTES.

Suddenly out of the darkness came a clear, unmistakable and unwanted sound to my ears. Shattering glass.

The man climbed in avoiding the glass splinters lying around on the floor.

His eyes darted around the room looking for his targeted student.

Nathan the human target was siting in front of the scissors, an idea barged in through the fear taking over most of my mind. I was going to crawl to Nathan unseen and through a pair of scissors at his head.

One knee and hand at a time I crept my way not knowing if he'd spot me I felt a drop of sweat trickling down my forehead, I think my life flashed before my eyes, but for only a split second I saw my baby brother, my mom, my dad and coming to school to day with a smile and look what happened now. -EXPANDED MOMENT.

Crawling be hind Nathan, I grabbed a pair of scissors and hurled it over the table and ducked down right as they hit their target.

The scissors hit him in the back. He howled in pain.

Everyone joined in they their were scissors fling everywhere

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