A Typical Summer Story

May 19, 2008
By Lexi Allaway, Marietta, GA

“So, how was your summer?” That was the question that would start a whole story, that was completely unexpected.

I was on the phone with my best friend from last year, Shay. She and I were inseparable, until the school year ended and I found out I would be in California all summer long. That was a big bummer on or summer plans. Even Ansley was going to be gone. Ansley was her neighbor that we sometimes hang out with when I came over.

“Long story… Are you ready?” she replied.

“Umm… I guess so?” I said wondering what possibly could have happened to her this summer with so many of her friends gone. There was a long pause so I tried to speed up her answer; I was beginning to get curious. “Well?” I asked. I was shocked with her reply.

It all began when she was out side on her front porch reading a book that was on the list BOOKS TO READ OVER THE SUMMER Mrs. Moore had given us at the end of the year, which we never read but since she had she nothing else to do, she decided to check them out. The book was called Speak. Then she heard something. It was a big moving truck coming down the road. She wondered who possibly could be moving in. Most of the people moving into her neighborhood were old people that had retired.

When the big orange and white, striped truck turned into the driveway across from her, she saw the driver open the door and get out, followed by a middle aged man on the passenger’s side. He wasn’t wearing a uniform, so she assumed he was the one moving in.

Shortly after the men opened the back of the truck and started to carry box after box into the house, she saw a silver car pull into the drive way. She was surprised when she saw who stepped out of the passenger’s side of the car. It was a guy, who looked to be about the same age as her. He was gorgeous. He had dark, shaggy hair that hung perfectly over one eye, but just enough to tell if he was looking at you. She sank into the cushioned swing she was sitting on as she gazed across the street.

Her summer wasn’t going to be so boring after all.

A few weeks later she was sitting on her front porch (again). She looked up when she heard the door open across the street. It was the cute guy form last week. He walked down the drive way, he was heading towards the mail box.

She froze… She snapped out of her gaze when she heard someone calling to her.
“Hey, I’m Alex.” He said. She could tell he was nervous by his voice. Some how that made her feel a little bit better.
“Hi, I’m Shay.” My smile must have stretched all the way to my ears, ‘cause after a few seconds my mouth got sore.

And that was when it all started. At that moment her summer made a complete U-turn. From that point on her summer would not be boring, it would be exciting, drama-filled, and love-struck (and I wasn’t even there!)

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