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May 19, 2008
By Ad Mur, Atlanta, GA

In 2101 a young boy named Bobby (Bob) Jemmy was the son of a great rich treasure hunter Joey Jemmy and the son of Maura Jemmy (Mrs. Jemmy). It was late in the day on December, 25, 2101; Bob was waiting for Christmas Eve, when his dad came to say bye until Christmas Eve. “Bye dad,” said Bob. While Mr. Jemmy left. “Bob, come eat your lunch,” said Mrs. Jemmy. “OK! Mom,” Bob said.

Later that evening “Bob, come eat your dinner,” said Mrs. Jemmy. “OK! Mom,” Bob said. While Bob was eating Mrs. Jemmy said” Bob are you happy, because it’s Christmas tomorrow.” “Yes.” Bob said. Now go to your room relax: watch TV, play some games and go to sleep. Finally, on Christmas Eve: “Bob get down here it is Christmas Eve.” Then when Bob got down there he saw the under the tree and it was filled with presents. They were: a Golden Retriever puppy, a Xbox 360, a few games, and $100. “Does that make you happy my son,” said mom. “Hi peoples,” said Mr. Jemmy as he walked into the Mansion. “Hey son as a last gift I want you, your mom & Fluffy (The dog) to come with me on a treasure hunt for the Undead Treasure of Roy Laurence.” Said Dad. “Awesome,” said Bob & Mom!

The next day, when they (Mr. & Mrs. Jemmy, Bob & Fluffy) got off the boat on a small island off the coast of Georgia. “Later in the day in a secret passageway. If we go down these stairs we will find the Cursed Treasure of Roy Laurence.” Said Dad. “Why is it cursed?” SB. Because in the beginning Roy and his crew were looking for the treasure to give part of ¾ of it to people of the world that needed it and they knew that each doubloon was worth $100,000,000 and the treasure box had 500,000 doubloons. But, when they found the treasure they refused to share so, they were cursed by the treasure to be undead. Until, they learned their lesson to share but, it is rumored that they think the curse will go if they took human blood and poured it on the treasure. So we need to be careful.” SD.

Then when they reached the cavern with the undead they fought the undead and got the treasure & pushed Roy into a lake because Undead can’t swim. Then Bob said “I am not going to be selfish like Roy became; I am going to do what Roy and his crew were going to do in the first place, be a good person.” “Good job, Bob, you are learning to be a good person and to share and that is one of the most important meanings of Christmas.

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