Moments not thinking you would ever see

May 22, 2008
By Katelyn Hancock, Kalamazoo, MI

Come on, come on, come on everyone hurry up. Our trip will be starting soon

we don’t want to be late do we. That was the sound of our tour guide and her

assistant. “In your seats please.” We are ready to go.

Daring nights, Howling animals, Running people. This is all what it said on

the flyer that we got, “ Come ride on the HAUNTED TOUR BUS!” was what it said.

We had just arrived in San Diego when we wanted to look around and what to you

know we found the haunted tour bus. Attention everyone our 1st stop will be the

Whaley house. This house used to be an old court house. And trust me a lot of

people have came in this house, but not walked our being FREE. “Mom this is really

getting really creepy now.” Well do you still want to do this? “Yes, Yes, I really do.”

This house used to be home to Thomas Whaley in the late 1800’s. Then sold it after

he died. In this house there is a lot of custom things that you will see and find. Also

if you are extra quiet you may even hear the sound of Thomas’s footsteps or even

the judge walking to his court room.

Beep, Ok people we are here now, stay single file off the bus so we can get

into this house. Crrrrrk, was the door opening. Walking into this old house that no

one has lived in for the last 200 years, I had shakes all the way up my spine. Around

here is the court house it is here that a lot of people have came but not walked our

happy. “Mom this is creepy really creepy now!” Ok everyone please be quiet now, if

you be quiet you can Hear the foot steps, Bump, Bump, Bump. “Wow do you hear

that that is freaky!”

Ok everyone we are now on a tight time and we need to keep moving! And

fast. Everyone in there seats now. “Mom did you smell that smell?” Yes I did it is

because it is just a old house. Now we are making our way to the haunted resort this

is located in Old Town. In the day time this place has a Beautiful look to it with all

the carvings. In this building though you can’t touch anything because no one has

touched it since they sold the place. Beep, ok we are here sorry though but this will

be our last stop. You know how they say we save the best for last!

Oh my goodness, look there is like people on the pouch. Please everyone close

there mouth because it might be a little stuffy in here. But also will Taste bad.

“Ready Emily?” Yes I got this little You-can-do it thought in my head. Walking into

the building was weird it felt like someone all the sudden peeked around the corner

and was watching you every move. In the rooms we walked in everything was dark

and covered with sheets over the top of the furniture. Then all the sudden in the

back of my eye I see a tiny white shadow. I was scared like a turtle going into its

shell. “Mom, Mom, Mom, did you see that?” See what. That. No, oh well never

mind then. In this room was the lady named Anna rose. But the people that owend

the hotel at the time didn’t know she was really sick and when she checked in that

night she didn’t make it out to check out the next day. Ever since then no one ever

came into this room again.

Well lets make our way back to the bus. Well ladies and gentlemen what did

you think? And did you like it? Sorry it was the end of our trip. Hope you all

enjoyed it and had fun like we did. Hope to see you again next time.

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