Super D

May 19, 2008
By Stephanie McFadden, Cincinnati, OH

Once there was a dog named Duke who was born with super powers. Know one knew he had them but his brother Bo. He was known as Super D. He was everywhere. There were toys, games, clothes, and he was all over the news paper and news.

One day while his owners were out he went out to see if any one needed help. He was walking along the sidewalk watching the people fix the road when the two men started to argue.

“Your doing it wrong!” one of the guys yelled.

“No I’m not!” The other one yelled back. They started pushing each other when Duke saw this he ran behind a turn spun around three times and shook his tail and his costume came on. His costume was blue and had a big orange D on it. He ran over to the guys with his super speed and jumped and pushed up one of the guys that almost fell in the hole. Then he pulled the bags and water to show them how to do it.

He walked around town helping a lot of people. He would get stopped so he could get petted or take a drink of water.
He stopped at the grocery store and the manager gave him a bone. He also stopped at the local nursing home which he visited every day. He had his routine stops. He always went to see his owner’s family first, and then he went to see a few more people. After that he would walked around the halls and play outside with the kids that are always their. It made him happy to see other people happy.
He decided to go to the dog park and see Bo. They ran around and played in the grass.
Then he was walked over to a school. Still in his costume he walked through the school and saw all the kids and staff.
He went and got something to eat and drink with some of the kids.
Just then Duke’s super hearing heard some one yelling coming through the schools main door. Duke ran to see what it was. It was a guy. He was dressed in black and had a gun. The man ran up the stairs when the secretary called a lock down. Duke jumped up the stairs and followed the guy. The man busted a class room door down and grabbed a kid.

“No one move.” He said putting his arm around the kid. As he stared to pull out his gun duke ran in and bit his leg. The man yelled, dropped the gun, and stepped on Duke’s leg. Duke let go of his leg and the kid got away. Duke jumped on his back and got him to the ground. The teacher got all the kids out of the class room and the cops came up. As the cops took the man the school had called the parents and was going to close for the day. The news came and interviewed the teacher and students. Everyone wanted to get their picture taken with Super D.
When the guy stepped on duke’s foot it hurt it really bad. As he walked home he was happy that he was the hero and saved the day, not even worrying about his hurt leg.
When he got home his owners noticed his leg and took him to the vet and the vet said it was just growing pains. But what really happened they’ll never know.

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