The Cosmetics Eisle

May 18, 2008
By Alison Weisbach, Cincinnati, OH

KAtina sipped her jacket up to her neck, protecting herself from the over-powering department store air conditioning system. She pushed a strand of dyed brown hair behind her ear and let her tropical, rainforest green eyes run over the Mac Cosmetics stand. She ran her opposite hand delicately over the various blushes and eye shadows. KAtina's petite, brown hand stoppped once she reaches lipstick, and she put both hands on top of the rouges, browns, and pinks. Something about lipstick absolutely hypnotized the nineteen year old English major. Her thin, ring-clad fingers found a tube labelled "Strawberry Wine." The not-quite-pink-but-not-quite-red shade grasped Katina's attention and she reached for a Q-tip so she could sample the makeup on her full, soft lips. Looking in the wall mirror, Katina traced her mouth with the cotton Q-tip. After finishing, she brought her hand down to her side, gazing at her reflection, neither satisfied nor disappointed, wishing that she could look and find one attribute or quality to like about herself without having to apply makeup.

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