Adenahs Revenge

May 29, 2012
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Long long ago there lived a couple Adenah and Mal. They were deeply in love and lived on an island in the Pacific with a glorious house in the trees. They were dark skinned with dark eyes. Mal had short black hair and Adenah's was a long blazing red. They were inseparable until one day Mal came home from a swim with another woman.

“Mal? Who is this?” Adenah cried as she ran to the shore.

“Adenah I want you to leave. I have found another woman who I may love more than you. Take your things and head to the tip of a mountain so I won't see you again,” Mal said as his new bride clutched his hand.

“You'll regret this,” Adenah whispered as she tried to force back the tears. Mal looked away and into the new brides eyes as his old soul mate paddled into the water. She never looked back at Mal, and she headed to the mountain.

By now she was furious. Absolutely fuming. She no longer wished for Mal. Her sadness was replaced with hatred and bitterness. As she climbed up the mountain she cursed at everything in her path. Once she was at the top she tried to calm herselff, but Adenah wasn't herselff. It was as if she was a new person, a person raging with fire. She grabbed a rock that was to her side and swung it across her temple. In one hit she was dead to the world, and she left a deep gash across her face. Her steaming blood oozed into the cracks and crevices of the mountain. And in a instant the mountain engulfed her in flames and her blood spewed out across the islands around her.

Mal was back at home with the new bride watching the red liquid pour down the mountain. It burned his eyes to look at it. Not because of the heat, but because it was the color of Adenah's fiery hair.

“Is she out to get me?” he wondered. His thought was cut short as his house in the trees burnt down with him and the new bride in it.

Still to this day, if you travel to Hawaii you'll see Adenah's blood, but now you might know it as lava. And every few years she'll burst because of her hatred and bitterness that is buried inside of her.

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