Human Genome Project

May 16, 2008
By eric ingham, Clarkston, MI

Human Genome Project is complete. We have flying cars. They found the cure for aids. And this is the world I live in. Things might see perfect in this world but they are not. I am one of those things that are not right. I am a serial killer. I haven’t killed anyone yet but they say I will. I have never got to the point to where I would think about killing someone. I am twenty three years old and I have never seen a rated R movie, I never seen a movie with action in it. I am reduced down to only PG and some PG-13 movies. I’m not allowed to shoot a gun or have a knife. One time when I was a kid I got into a fight and I couldn’t finish school because they said that I am a threat to the learning environment. That’s some bull s*** if you ask me. I can’t even work out because they say that it will raise my testosterone levels and it will trigger my gene to go off and I will go on a killing spree. It’s hard having this gene, people look at you funny and they think that you are going to kill them. Or at least that’s what their faces say when they look at me.
When I was born the doctor drew blood and mapped out my chromosomes. They found out right away that I had the gene that is said to make me a serial killer. Right away the put these yellow tag on my ear. I had it all through school till I got kicked out. Then when I was about eighteen they decided to give us all tattoos of a bar code on our forearm. They also injected us with a homing device that lets them know where we are at all times. It also measures that amount of adrenalin in the body, they say that the adrenalin levels sky rocket when a murder happens. The government say that death rates have dropped to only a few a year. But who really knows if that is true.

Today I have to go see the doctor for my routine check ups. I like going to the doctors though he is a good guy.

“Hey doc how you doing?”

“Good, how are you to day?”

“I feel really good today I feel like I can take on the world!!!”

“Do you remember what we talked about the last time you were here?”

“Yeah the dreams that I have.”

“And do you have these dreams more often?”

“Yes I have had the same dream for the past week put I didn’t have one last night.”

“So, tell me one more time what happens in this dream.”

“Well, I’m lying on this table and it is freezing cold. I see all these things around me. They are like from an alien ship and I am being looked at foe something. Then the next thing I know I am in pain and I try to get out but the have me restrained. I keep moving then finally I get free of the chair and I start running. But it wasn’t normal running I felt as if I was funning faster than ever before. Then I come to a door and I just run right through the door and I just keep running then I wake up. But the thing is I feel like they are more than just dreams like I have been there before and it feels real.”

“Well did you recognize where you where in the dream?”

“No but I know that I've been there before!”

“Ok well let me take some readings and then you can go.”


“Isaiah it looks like your testosterone and adrenalin leaves are heightened, so I’m going to run some more test one you.”

“Can you go get the doc I've been waiting here for an hour already and I got things to do.”

“Yes I will go find him.”

The doctor comes in the room and he looks like he has some bad news to tell me. He just sits down in his chair and looks at me like he doesn’t know what to say.

“Okay here is what I know; the government wants me to hold you here until they can get here to take you away. I know it has something to do with your DNA but I'm not one hundred percent sure what it is yet. But if you let me take some more blood then I can find out what they want you for and I will help you as much as I can.”

“Hahaha, you must be kidding right?! Doc for a minute I thought you were for real.” The look on his face was like no other look I have ever seen. If looks could kill I would have been dead on the spot. “Wait so your not kidding… what do I do?”

“I told you that you have to get out of here and I will contact you as soon as I can.”

As I get up and start to get my stuff together I as the doctor “how long until they get here?”

“I'm not sure about half hour maybe.”

As those words come out of his mouth I hear a knock on the door and my heat feels like it is beating out of my chest. I feel something inside of me that says I need to get out of there and I get my bag and jump out the window. It was a three story building I don’t know how I made it without hurting myself at all. I thought that they might already be waiting for me at my car so I start to run. I looked behind me and I couldn’t even see the doctor’s office any more. My heart still felt like it was going to pop right out of my chest. Then I thought of the homing beaker that was still inside me, right at that moment I hear a helicopter. I start to run faster and I notice that I am running faster than I have ever run before. It was just like my dream that I had. I decided to test it and I try to run faster then faster and faster. I ran until I couldn’t hear that helicopter any more.

I slow down to see that I don’t have any idea where I am any more. I need to think things through. So this is what I know, I have the serial killer gene, the government always knows where I am, I can run faster that I have ever seen anyone run, and the government wants me for some reason that I don’t know. So what do I do from here?
I need so talk to the doctor and find out what he knows and go from there. I start walking around in the forest and I find a road that leads to a gas station, now a days there are roads every where. So I follow this road to a gas station and call the doc and he tells me
“The government wants you because you were part of and experiment and they wanted to make ‘supper humans’ so that they can use you for war and other military operations. They said that they changed your genes so that you can use your testosterone and adrenalin and use them to heighten your senses: smell, taste, feel, sight, and hearing. But they found out that they had to alter genes when you were young, but by doing that it changes your brain activity so you more prone to have mental break downs and become a murderer. They told me that in some cases people like you can control themselves and use them at will. So they want you so they can train you and use you in missions.”
The next thing that I heat is a shuffling sound on the phone and four gun shots. My stomach tightened up and I felt the feeling you get when your about to throw up.
“Doc are you there? Hello doctor?! Answer me doctor say something!”
“Doctor Cox can’t talk right now, he's a little dead.”
As those words came out of his mouth my body goes numb. Then it was like a fire ignited inside me and I wanted to make who ever was on the phone pay for what he did. The doctor and I were good friends. We went to school together and he was the only true friend that I really had. He was there for me when ever I needed him. He was like a brother to me. Although in the recent months we did not talk that mush. But I always knew that he was there for me.

“Who are you?!”
“Now Aiden there is no reason for you to get so upset, now if only you would have just stayed put and cooperated with us none of this would have happened. So do you want to come in with us or do we have to start killing your friends one by one until you change your mind?”
“I don’t have any friends.”
“What about the doctor’s wife and kids? What about you mother and father?
“Okay I will come to you just don’t hurt anyone else.”
“No you stay there and we will come to get you. We know that you are in the gas station on Maple road. We will be there in about five minutes.”
“Okay I’ll be here”
I hung up the phone. I walk outside to hear the helicopter coming and the next thing I know I feel a pain in my neck. I touch where the pain was and I feel something cold and small. I take it out to see that it is an arrow with some kind of liquid in it. I felt like I could not stand after that, so I sit down to rest. Then I start to get drowsy and my vision gets blurred. But this time I am on the floor screaming in pain. I can still hear the helicopter so I know that they are not here yet. I feel some one help me to my feet and put me in a car. After that I black out…
I am awoken up by water dripping down from the ceiling hitting me in my forehead. It feels cool and refreshing like swimming in the river after a hard day of work. I start to get up but feel a sharp pain in my left leg. My head is pounding. When I try to open my eyes I still see nothing but blur. I would rather die then be in all this pain. I hear foot steps coming; I don’t know what to do, so I stand up and get ready to fight who ever walks through the door.
“Relax we are not going to hurt you. We just want to talk to see what you know.”
“What I know? I don’t know anything.”
“Then you won’t mind if we scope your mind then.”
“No I don’t care, do what you have to. Just know that I am telling you the truth.”
I feel the cold medal suction cups placed on my temples. I can hear the computer starting up to read my thought. I hear the lady who was talking to me earlier “hook me up, I want to see what he knows.” They attach her to the other end of the machine and by this time my vision is coming back and I can see things more clearly. I see her laying on the opposite side of the table. As the program starts I start to see her in my head. Our thoughts are connected and it feels as if we are one. I know what she is looking for and she knows that she will not find what she wants. I start looking for some of the things that I want to know like who is after me, where I can find them, and what I can really do. As I'm looking she tells me everything that she knows. It’s like a life time of memories and feelings that she has experienced.
“So it’s true the government wants me to be some kind of supper solider?”
“And when we were born the government took us away from our parents so that they could mold us the way that they wanted us.”
“Yes, the only thing that you missed is that the government is run by one person. We don’t know what his name is but we call him Smith.”
“so the question comes down to will I help you take down this Smith guy so that he cant take any more people and turn them into supper soldiers?”
“Yes you would be a great asset to the operation. But we will not force you to do anything. We took out the homing beaker so tat they couldn’t track you.”
“Thank you for that.”
She gets up walks to the door opens it as if to say you are free now so go.

But you know I couldn’t do that. I had to get Smith for what he did to the doctor. I have to make him pay. So from that day on I have been fighting the government waiting till the day I get my chance at Smith.

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