The Virus

May 16, 2008
In the United States, a company just invented a new and the most dangerous virus made in the twenty-fifth century. A man or a man-wanna be named Luis, saw the virus in the lab and thought it was a blue-berry drink. He drank it and then his skin was rotting and then he saw some men shooting him with their pistols. He can’t control himself and then bites someone on their chest.

They locked Luis and took the injured man to the medical center. Soon after that, the doctors told the men that he died. When the doctors returned to put the dead man away, he was gone. The doctors were about to turn the alarm when the dead man came out of nowhere and bit the doctors. The doctors managed to turn the emergency alarm and then the dead man bit him and tried to leave the room but it was locked.

The men were alert for anything suspicious. They searched the room through the observing glass and saw two people that were banging their heads against the glass. Leonel, a scientist, tried to make a cure but he couldn’t test it on humans. He had to test it on the infected monsters. No one wanted to so Philip (a mentally challenged fat man) went in but injected himself first. Then he went in, and the dead men ran up to him to start lunch. Philip tried to eat them but he tilted over and fell on them. The dead started eating Philip’s body. The only thing Philip could do was roll away. Soon, Philip died because he lost too much blood in a matter of time. The boss named Kalvin called the army to take them down. The soldiers took them and tied them to the examining table.

A man that worked there was infected. He left and started biting people. The more the monsters spread, the place they were, it turned into a desert. In one week the United States was under control except California. The army tried to explode the United States and every place that was infected. They couldn’t explode the United States because California still had a lot of residents.

The army had put electrical fences around the border of California. The dead monsters even came by water to try to eat or infect the people. Whenever a monster tried to climb or go through the fence the soldiers shot them. The captain said that it was about time because they were running out of supplies. The army gathered all the citizens and transported them to South America in Brazil. The army put nuclear and hydrogen bombs to launch in the places that were deserted. They launched it and North America exploded. One monster had escaped and has traveled to an island. No one could prove that they now existed. They sent a group of armed men to investigate but they couldn’t prove it. One got bitten and didn’t tell anyone. Then he transformed into a monster and transformed a country to a terrifying place. The monsters started taking over the world and no one could stop them.

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