Tall Tale

May 16, 2008
By Tony Quezada, Imperial, NE

A police officer from Imperial, Nebraska was just about to call it a night and go home when he heard the squealing of some tires, he looked in both direction but could not see anything. Then as he looked again he was startled to see a green mustang driving right in front of him at speeds of 160 mph on Main Street at 2 o’clock in the morning. He immediately stepped on the gas becoming a blur to anything in sight. When he finally caught up to the mustang and got it pulled over he was startled to see that it was just a teenage boy. He instinctively felt obligated to start yelling at the boy but knew he had to get to the bottom of why the boy was speeding and why he was out so late.
The police officer asked the boy what he was doing out at 2 o’clock in the morning and if he knew how fast he was going. The boy told the officer that the reason he was out at 2 o’clock in the morning and the reason he was going as fast as he was is because he was being chased by a crazed zombie that arose from the dead. The boy described the crazed zombie as a tall, black haired man with nails on his face. The officer looked at the boy as though he thought that the boy was telling him a lie. The boy continued with his story and told the office the crazed zombie had be after ever since he got home from work. The boy told the officer that the crazed zombie was driving a 1967 Dodge Challenger. The officer asked the boy to get out of his car and go with him to the police car. The boy refused, the officer attempted to open the car door, and as he lifted the handle the boy saw the car coming right for them. The boy yelled at the police officer that that was the crazed zombie. As the police officer looked up he saw a Dodge Challenger but it wasn’t driven by a crazed zombie it was driven by a lovely middle-aged lady. The police officer just laughed and asked the boy to calm down and to cooperate with him. The boy finally came to his senses and cooperated with the police officer. The police officer told the boy that he was going have to take him home. The boy agreed and as the police officer started his vehicle the Dodge Challenger came up and rolled down the window, the boy all of a sudden got scared. The police officer told the boy that everything was alright, and then asked the lady what she wanted, and as the police officer shined his flash light in the car and saw that the lovely middle-aged lady that he had just see earlier was actually the crazed zombie that the boy was telling him about. The police officer took out his gun and shot the crazed zombie and took the boy home. The boy and the police officer swore to each other that they wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened that night.

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